Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week, Project Camelot posted a video, MP3 file and transcript of what I consider, to be a very important piece of news. Having listened to the MP3 this evening (the video on YouTube having been withdrawn ‘by the user’ - I wonder if it was YouTube itself, because of its seminal message?) - here is a brief outline of Bill Ryan’s presentation.

The person who has released this information, did not want to be interviewed directly by Camelot and so, in order to fully protect his identity, Bill Ryan has presented his story.

The disclosee occupies a quite senior position in the City of London finance world and attends a number of senior-level Masonic meetings in the city on a regular basis. Normally, the matters discussed involved routine financial matters, but on one particular occasion, the subject matter was of much deeper significance and geo-political in nature. So significant was the subject matter that our anonymous source believed that his invitation to the meeting must have been some sort of mistake as, for at first he couldn’t make out the nature of the subject matter being discussed and was certainly not invited to participate.

What was being discussed had far-reaching significance and is an encapsulation of a grand plan being enacted at the highest levels among the élite. Concern was raised at the meeting that this plan was running behind schedule and the pressure was on to implement the next crucial steps with the utmost speed.

It starts with a nuclear attack by Israel on Iran - the contention being that Iran does in fact possess some nuclear arsenal which it has acquired from elsewhere. A limited nuclear exchange would take place, possibly including China, and would be spun to a significant proportion to have countries worldwide, tighten security and instigate a form of universal martial law. All law enforcement bodies, including traffic wardens, community police officers and council workers would be employed in this lock down and this we know to be all ready in place for when the time comes from the disclosure of a community warden on the Isle of Wight who confirmed this to David Icke some 18 months or so ago.

A ceasefire would ensue, but shortly afterwards a biological attack by the west on China would take place, decimating much of their population, which in turn would lead to a world-wide pandemic with massive casualties. Infrastructure would collapse and much of the world would be brought down to third world status. According to our observer, this stage of collapse must be achieved by mid to late 2011 as at that time, the Illuminati believe that some natural cataclysmic event is going to take place on Earth and in order to be able to be prepared to enable the custodianship of the remaining one third or so of the global population this control grid must already be in place. Ominously the name of this plan is ‘The Anglo Saxon Mission’ and this title strongly suggests a New World Order with the remaining population comprising principally of Aryan types - a plan which Hitler would have warmed to!

There is much evidence to back up this contention and the frantic way in which the élite are trying to enact legislation, the advancing police state, ID cards, one world government and global banking etc etc, all seems to support some hidden agenda along these lines.

But as Bill stated, things are behind schedule and previous plans to invade Iran have not materialised. The Swine Flu fiasco - whether a real attempt to release a biological ‘weapon’ or just a beta test has fallen on its face and I could go on.

Whether the impending natural disaster, due to take place in a couple of year’s time, is real, likely or imagined is unknown, but the élite seem to think it is and with the avid construction of underground cities that has been taking place for decades, the storing of vital seed in the seedbank in Svalbard and a number of other measures, it all seems to be evidence that they take this eventuality seriously. Of course, I am sure they are also aware of the growing consciousness of large portions of global society who are beginning to unravel their modus operandi - Climategate, Swine Flu, the banker scandal, false flag ops etc., and are also aware of the energy changes that are due to take place on this planet within the next few years which may accelerate that growing consciousness further. This may also be acting as an additional boot up their backsides - who knows?

The bottom line is that an agenda is most definately being rolled out at increasing speed and we are fast approaching the nexus point. What must become uppermost in the minds of those who, at present, are unwittingly taking an active part in rolling out this programme, is their ability to wake up to realising the shocking game plan in play and create a united front of non-compliance, for if the top ranks of the military refuse to play ball, the opening salvo of this final part of the plan will fail to materialise and with little time left for the élite’s to achieve their deadline, plans may derial.

There is no doubt that there is an extraterrestrial element to this and Bill Ryan has had it pointed out to him that those individuals recovered at Roswell were in fact ourselves from the future who had arrived back into our age to warn us of the coming dichotomy we face as a race and hopefully have us steer a course away from the disastrous (to us) timeline that the élite’s envisage.

I sincerely hope that those who are in the lower pecking orders of this insidious plan wake up to realise their role, no matter how minor, and create a non-compliant defence mechanism to prevent any of this actually happening, although we might find ourselves going part way down the road before the penny drops. Either way there are challenging times ahead!

What is fascinating is the way in which just the release of this information by our whistle-blower could be one of the many small pebbles that creates the avalanche which, hopefully, will dam the flood waters that the élite are intent on releasing upon us.

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