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Scalar Energy

John Michael Mallon MSc - Scalar Energy - Part 2

A new landscape

Marcel Proust wrote “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.

The discovery and understanding of scalar energy provides that new landscape and gives us those new eyes with which to see the world in a very different light to that which the conventional deterministic Newtonian paradigm provides.

A chladni plate demonstrates visibly the formations of stationary scalar waves. When fine sand is sprinkled evenly upon a plate which is subsequently subjected to a vibratory frequency, a pattern forms showing the scalar waves in relation to that frequency. Similarly, a water drop subject to vibration will reveal scalar waveforms. So too snow flake crystals reflect scalar waveforms and, in common with the water droplets they form a hexagonal boundary as do phenomena on a macro scale like the north pole of Saturn where the aurora - like that at the north and south pole of Earth - create hexagonal formations. This demonstrates the all-pervading effects of scalar energy throughout the entire cosmos.

The ‘Flower of Life’ symbol is a representation of the universal energy field, comprising of a number of overlapping circles, is viewed by ancient cultures as sacred and is the root of sacred geometry. Its pattern can be, once again, bounded by a hexagon. These scalar wave pattern formations can be seen everywhere from the surface of a silicon crystal, sea shells, clouds, sand dunes, fingerprints, honeycombs and even mountain ranges which demonstrates the potential of scalar energy.

The meandering of a river, demonstrates the transfer of energy from the scalar energy fields to the water within the river. Water droplets never take a straight path when flowing across the surface of a window pane, natural paths across fields tend to meander, these are all evidence of scalar wave energy at work.

Pythagoras taught his students that there are three kinds of music, that created by a musical instrument, the music of the human body and the music of the cosmos and that they were all interrelated. He posited that ailments produced from the discord in a human body could be healed by that from a musical instrument and that the music made by instruments was only a feint echo of that made by the heavens.

Energy transfers within the scalar energy field

Michael Mallon gives the example of a spinning top as one of the greatest scalar energy transfer toys ever invented and it possesses some very intriguing properties. Try to knock a spinning top over and it returns to its upright spinning position, try to stop it and it evades your grasp. An everyday demonstration of this same phenomenon is water vortexing down a kitchen sink and what we are witnessing is a scalar wave energy gateway in operation. All of what we see on a day to day human scale level is a fractal of the whole of creation and on a cosmic scale the spiralling of a galaxy mirrors exactly the spiralling or vortexing of the escaping water down the plug hole.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of energy in just one cubic centimetre of space is mind-blowingly massive and yet that energy can be tapped and we see this all the time in nature with plants and animals routinely tapping into scalar energy vortices. A fish can utilise the scalar energy vortices in the flow of water through its fins in order to remain stationary in a current of water. But by tapping into the energy the fish can also utilise the power of that scalar energy to ascend waterfalls or in the way that salmon will leap above the water.

Using the Newtonian model - the ratio of a bee’s wing span to body weight would make it unable to fly and a dragonfly’s ability to hover would be impossible, yet the vortex patterns produced by both show that they tap the scalar energy field to enable them to achieve these feats. Birds tap this free energy as they fly and this enables them to travel many thousands of miles when migrating. The arrow-shaped formation adopted by geese when flying in a flock reflects the shape of the spinning top mentioned earlier and likewise it demonstrates their ability to tap the scalar energy field both individually and collectively by flying in that formation in a phase-locked pattern to generate the vortexes to utilise that field.

Large flocks of Starlings also provide another demonstration of this phase-locked frequency formation with the individual birds falling into a position where they find lowest energy.

The strange formations found in debris following the path of destruction by a tornado such as twigs embedded in masonry or a blade of grass penetrating a fragment of glass demonstrate the temporary unbinding of phased-locked structures in the presence of a strong disruptive scalar energy force which momentarily ‘vaporises’ solid objects allowing these seemingly impossible amalgamations to occur.

Rising cigarette smoke spirals and vortices are visual enactments of the disruption in the phase-locked scalar energy field when another force interacts.

Scalar energy and healing

The body’s chakra points have always been regarded by ancient cultures as spinning energy vortices. The whorls in our fingerprints suggest that they create energy spirals that are also phase-locked and that the energies created by them aid healing. In fact the uniqueness of our fingerprints identifies the uniqueness of our own personal energy being and the uniqueness of our spirit.

Our DNA double helix spiral is also a demonstration of a scalar wave energy structure and the molecules within the DNA are transmitters and receivers of scalar wave information in the form of sound and light.

Scalar energy and technology

It is a sad reflection on our present day society that the great benefits that scalar energy could provide every human being on the planet, have been sequestered for military use. HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is one such application of scalar energy, but one that is being used in doubtful ways such as triggering powerful meteorological and geological phenomena anywhere around the world partly for so-called military purposes. The Missile Shield Programme also harnesses scalar energy to project high intensity sound to any distant location without losing its intensity. A whole network of antenna placed around the world are employed to direct scalar energy in specific directions to specific locations, but again for military purposes.

On a more beneficial note, wind farm turbines have increased their efficiency by employing vortex generators on the leading edge of the turbine blades, which mirror similarly-shaped vortex generators found on the tails of whales and items as mundane as golf balls have dimples which also utilise scalar energy for their flight. Small aircraft also employ vortex generators on the tops of their wings to improve flight performance.

You will often notice raised double helical fixtures to the upper portions of chimneys. These act as a remedy to prevent vortex-induced turbulence from destroying them. Toroidal, spiralling structures are seen throughout all nature and our own bodies as a means of utilising scalar energy.

Laser light is produced by the same wave dynamics as described earlier when examining standing wave properties. Phase-locked forward and reverse waves produce a coherent light we call a laser beam. If atoms are introduced into a laser light beam, they will always phase-lock into the pockets of lowest energy in that waveform and this common phenomenon occurs throughout the whole of nature producing what we term gravity.


For Michael Mallon, this new way of observing the universe - the mechanics of scalar energy and the way it dictates the behaviour of all matter - came as a complete revelation, overturning the traditionally-taught Newtonian worldview he learned in school and college, whose explanations for many natural phenomena seemed overly complicated to be true. As Confucsious said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”.

It seems that for the last two millennia or so, we have lost the truth that the ancients knew (taught them by advanced ET civilisations). Stonehenge, the Pyramids and countless other similar artifacts show that in their gargantuan construction - which would be difficult if not impossible to replicate even using today’s conventional technology - those that created them were employing very advanced technologies. It is also clear that their creators used cosmological and geophysical geometry when siting them and also in the nuances of their design.

Although Michael Mallon will not make any firm statements as to how he thinks the pyramids may have been constructed, his knowledge of scalar energy leads him to make some inspired proposals. To start with pyramids are not a phenomenon solely ascribed to planet Earth, they are also evident on the surface of Mars. Michael Mallon points out the similarity of their shape to that of volcanic mountains or cones. It is well known that lenticular clouds only form over volcanoes indicating the effect they have in manipulating scalar energy and that their pyramidal shape, causes the creation of energy gateways.

When a Tesla coil was placed at the centre of the great pyramid at Giza, a Kirlian photograph showed a double helix column of coiling energy emanating from its apex with laser-like coherence. (As an aside, the work of Russian scientists experimenting with purpose-built pyramids as mentioned in my piece on David Wilcock, also illustrates their unique properties). Could it be, Michael Mallon posits, that our ancient cultures were well versed in the notion of scalar energy and only now are we beginning to rediscover this amazing phenomenon? Clearly, a period of time has passed in human development in which this crucial knowledge has been denied us.

As with so many other researchers, Michael Mallon believes that mankind is rapidly reaching a transition point in his development and so too with the state of this planet as volcanic activity and earthquakes are culminating in ever-increasing frequency and as mankind is behaving ever more frenetically with economic growth having just about reached its point of singularity coming to the brink of implosion (one must bear in mind that geo-political activity like everything else is an organic process). Also in common with other researchers Michael Mallon believes that Earth’s alignment with the galactic centre will culminate in a time reversal where a change of universal consciousness will reverse our current paradigm, directing us away from the current status quo.

The Flower of Life and scalar energy

The Flower of Life contains only two shapes, circles and hexagons. These are the only two shapes that show themselves to us in scalar wave phenomena and one is the cause of the other and so mutually dependent upon each other. In scalar waves, it is these two aspects that act in phase-locked resonance to create all things. In Michael Mallon’s own words “The derivation of a hexagon from a circle is borne from the fact that the circle results when you have a maximum area enclosed by a minimum perimeter, whereas the hexagon is the shape that results when you have a minimum area enclosed by a maximum perimeter. They are the simultaneous symbols of expansion and contraction, the circle is expansion and the hexagon contraction”.

It is this expansion and contraction which is an expression of all natural phenomenon in nature and the current exponential climaxing of geo-physical and geo-political crises on this planet illustrates the approach of the inevitable ‘time reversal’ within this recurring cyclical event. Both the expansion and contraction are mutually necessary and as we come to the end of an expansion era we are now about to enter a period of contraction.

The astrological perspective

This transition from the period of expansion to that of contraction is matched astrologically in our passage from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius. In these periods of ‘time reversal’, what we have come to view as familiar must fall away. As is becoming common knowledge among those who are awakening to this imminent changeover, we will be moving from an age of materialism to one of spirit, one where our consciousness awakes and we become aware of our true role on this planet and in the universe. Michael Mallon’s realisation of scalar wave energy and how it is the underpinning phenomenon of all nature comes as an important step in our understanding of the holistic nature of all things.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Scalar Energy

John Michael Mallon MSc - Scalar Energy - Part 1

“John Michael Mallon holds BSc and MSc degrees in Pure & Applied Physics and Electronics from The Queen's University of Belfast. He has held several teaching and research positions - including with The Queen's University of Belfast and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. He is founder of several technology businesses and has been technical consultant to a number of multinational companies and to the UN FAO and has served as a technical expert for EU 'BRITE' research programs. He has extensive experience in sensor applications based on laser, microwave, ultrasonic and imaging technologies and has had a lifelong interest in healing.” (The Dream Masters Evolution website).

His discussion on Scalar Energy Healing can be viewed at and describes how scalar energy healing opens up an entirely new paradigm in the understanding of the underlying energy in our universe and how the use of that energy can revolutionise the healing of the human body.

Because of the general inability of conventional medicine to cure the body of inherent ailments, Michael Mallon decided to devote the rest of his life to studying this most seminal of phenomena, scalar energy and how it affects all nature and cosmic events and how it can also heal the body.

Subtle energy healing

Healing techniques harnessing subtle energy fields have been in use for a very long time and have been performed through hands healing, distance healing, sound healing, directed prayer healing and even in the placebo effect. For the past seventy years or so, healthcare has majored on the use of allopathic drugs to treat symptoms, sidelining alternative methods, but Michael Mallon believes that may be about to change.

Behind the scenes, much research has been undertaken to quantify the value of alternative energy-based healing methods and great progress has been made on this front, much of which is not generally known about by the general public. Physicists have for some time noted the way in which a person’s intent and thought patterns can influence the outcome of an experiment by just being an interested and focused observer.

Getting to the root of understanding this phenomenon, requires some knowledge of wave energy physics and quantum mechanics and in particular the works physicists such as Maxwell, Tesla, Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, de Broglie, Dirac, Bohm and Feynman. The compartmentalised way in which our the educational system works, very often denies medical students of ground-breaking research being conducted in other disciplines such as physics and this deprives them of vital knowledge that could provide a more holistic view of how the human body is influenced by subtle energy fields. Their understanding is still essentially rooted in the deterministic science of Sir Isaac Newton, a view of science which only considers a macro mechanistic understanding of how things work and not the subtle underlying nature of energy and consciousness.

Although medicine routinely utilises wave energy-based technology like MRI scanners to diagnose a patient, the dissemination of the information that these devices provide is viewed purely in a traditional bio-chemical symptomatic interpretation rather than as a means to quantify the energetic state of the patient.

Understanding the process

‘If you truly understand something, you will explain it simply’ was the message imparted to Michael Mallon by one of his tutors. So much science is made unnecessarily complicated, using elaborate nomenclature in confusing ways to impart relatively simple concepts and often done quite deliberately to mystify the subject and intellectually distancing the specialist from the general public. But this confabulation can also come as a result of insufficient understanding, using elaborate terminology to paper over an inadequately understood condition. The compartmentalisation of different areas of science into individual specialisms only serves to obfuscate an overall understanding of the unifying principles that embrace the entire spectrum of all the sciences and without this unified knowledge, the dots will never be adequately joined together.

Underlying energy

Scalar simply means ‘an amount or a quantity that does not possess a direction’ such as mass, pressure and static electricity - they all exist but are not going anywhere. In opposition to this static energy are those energy states that are going somewhere like in a flowing river, wind or the explosive state of internal combustion. We tend to regard this as the only energy there is because it is visibly evident, yet we are surrounded by scalar energy which pervades everything like a giant web extending throughout the entire universe. It cannot be observed directly or indirectly or measured by conventional instruments, yet it is the energy of the body and therefore the energy that can affect the healing of that body.

To try and visualise the scalar energy field, Michael Mallon offers the following analogy. Imagine that you are in a boat in the middle of a large ocean and that a fast moving current is carrying you along. Without a stationary point of reference to indicate your movement with this current, you are completely unaware of motion, you may well believe that you are at complete rest on a large millpond. This scenario is exactly the same as our perception of seeming motionlessness here on planet Earth, we are completely unaware of the energy around us. Physics calculations give a glimpse at the enormity of this unseen energy. The energy in just 1 cubic centimetre of space is equal to 1052ergs. A one megaton bomb’s energy pales by comparison at only 1020ergs, therefore space is an infinite source of energy!

On a medical level, if we are to fully harness this scalar energy for the benefit of our own bodily health, we must close the books on Newtonian-based medicine.

Identifying scalar energy

Since we are surrounded by scalar energy and are intrinsically part of it, we are unable to measure it, but to return to the analogy of the boat on an ocean, once a wind picks up and large waves form, we then begin to get some idea of the vast amount of energy that is being unleashed and we may speculate as to how we could use those waves to our advantage.

Scalar energy can best be described as a stationary or standing wave, that is one analogous to that of a rope fixed at one end, which, when you flap the other end up and down, an oscillation or vibration is created along the length of the rope. Such vibrations can be seen on a violin string as the bow causes it to vibrate. The waves run from one end of the string to the other and back again interfering with the outward wave and creating a stationary ‘buzzing’ pattern, or musical note. Scalar energy manifests itself in the same way, it is energy that is going nowhere - a standing wave of energy.

Creation of matter

Atoms must be viewed as wave-only and the old world view of an atom surrounded by orbiting particles is a misnomer, there are no particles only waves. One can only refer to ‘particles’ when one is identifying a wave structure and Michael Mallon impresses upon us to only think of particles when we look at the point of a standing wave where the energy is being reversed, this helps explain the anomaly of wave particle duality more clearly.

Using the rope flapping analogy, you could say that the two ends of the rope you are flapping represent two particles connected by a wave which are phase-locked together in resonance. Similarly an electron acts in the same way as the end point of the rope. As the energy transfer is reversed in the rope, an electron will behave similarly jumping from negative to positive at a fixed point, while its anti-particle - likened to the other end of the rope - the positron, is reacting in an opposite way in phase-locked resonance to its partner electron. This symbiosis creates a synchronously resonating structure which forms an even bigger particle and this is the basis of all matter in the universe.

And, as below, the human body works on the same basis, comprising of an infintesimal number of resonant-locked waves and it is the degree of harmony in those phase locked resonant waves that determines the well-beign of our bodies and minds.

With the knowledge that we are just one whole mass of resonating waveforms, it is easy to see how that energy extends beyond the confines of our visibly physical bodies in an ever weaker phase locking form to create our auras. These all-permeating phase-locked resonant waveforms extend everywhere and no part of the universe is devoid of them. The lower the frequencies of these waveforms, the denser the material they manifest and it says a lot about the amount of binding energy that can manifest in the strength of a crystal.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alex Collier Part 2

Project Camelot - Alex Collier at the Los Angeles 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference Part 2

The élite control mechanism
The pyramidal system of our governments principally came out of Rome and Rome was essentially controlled by thirteen families, whose descendants continue to exercise their power over the world today. Religion, although having brought succour to many, focuses on shame, guilt, sin and control and that is the trap. No emphasis is given on self-respect or responsibility, religions in fact create more division in global society and sense of disempowerment. This is part of the controlling élite’s way of dominating our thought processes and keeping us in a cowed state.

This philosophy is evident everywhere. Alex took the example of ‘charitable’ foundations. A foundation is created by ordinary people for altruistic purposes, using their will and resources to get it going with the end goal of benefiting humanity. As it gathers momentum, enrolling others into its ranks and creating an awareness and shift in consciousness in those involved, someone from the powers that be, who have been monitoring its progress - as they monitor everything we get up to - enters in the guise of a benefactor and offers an attractive sum of money to help the charity’s aims on the condition that one of the benefactor’s associates sits on their board. Over time, this process is repeated until the board is dominated by the infiltrating ‘benefactor’s’ representatives who are only working for some branch of the élite. From this point on the charity’s aims get diverted to fall in line with the élite’s agenda, but continues to give some form of impression that it still holds onto its original ambitions. Not only now do they control the direction that the foundation will take, but they also control its wealth.

(As an aside, one can think of many such organisations that have been led this way and cancer research is just one of them. Cures for cancer have been known about for years by such notable people as Royal Raymond Rife, Dr Ruth Drown, Dr Max Gerson, Dr Tullio Simoncini etc, yet cancer research foundations continue to pretend to search for cures, calling on our charitable nature to donate monies to what looks like a worthy and charitable cause, yet they are often little more than money laundering operations, ensuring scientists wander up blind alleys of research in order to stay clear of the truth so that the profitable chemotherapy methodologies - which do more harm than good to the body - continue to pull in the bucks, and of course help as a covert form of genocide).

Taking back control of our lives

One of our most important tasks as a global community is to understand the shennanigans that are constantly being played out by our controlling élite, thoroughly understand their modus operandi and build up a system in direct opposition to it. But the first and the biggest step is our absolute need to take personal responsibility of our lives - regain our sovereignty and true consciousness.

Alex quoted an native American Mohawk Indian, Little Hawk. “Take credit for your mistakes, not what you do good, because you are supposed to be doing good anyway”.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. If we knew everything we wouldn’t need to be here! This quest has to begin with ourselves, not feeling shame with our mistakes and not regarding ourselves - as the church would have you believe, that you are a sinner. We are not, we are all spiritual beings inhabiting a temporary physical body. We have to understand that the entire world in which we live has been set up as one giant control mechanism from the banks to each and every other institution - government, media, health, education etc. etc. which the élites ultimately control. But that control mechanism only operates to their advantage as long as we let it - and the élite are in constant fear of losing our rapt attention, for if we refuse to play the game any more, they will completely lose that control. That fear of us is inherent among the élite because they know that we have this latent power to create our own reality. That is why they persist in trying to instill in us a feeling of powerlessness and fear.

Alex reminded the audience that the heightened interest the extraterrestrials were now taking in us was because they are aware that we are nearing a crossover point of consciousness and that the awakening consciousness of our plight is sending out a signal to them that we are on the brink of metamorphosing into higher beings and that that transition will need nurturing.

The holographic model

On our new course we have to break down the old conventions that only lead to the abuse of power and do some radical re-thinking. Do we need a monetary system at all? Other extraterrestrial civilisations don’t have one. Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on? Thinking radically in this way shifts our whole paradigm of perception and immediately gets us out of thinking within the box.

In extraterrestrial civilisations a communal ‘government’ takes care of their everyday needs, while the time and expertise offered by each individual is used to benefit the society as a whole.

We have, historically, been helped at crucial moments in our history by extraterrestrial intervention. Alex cited the instance of Thomas Jefferson who, while trying to assemble to American Declaration of Independence was met by a hooded man who brought him inspiration to complete it. Another example came in the Constitutional Hall at a moment when it looked like no-one was going to agree to sign the Declaration. Seemingly, out of nowhere a man appeared on the balcony of the hall and for twenty minutes gave an oration to the assembled delegates of the importance of signing the Declaration, not just only for America, but for the whole world as a model for empowering the people. At that point the it was unanimously signed, yet efforts by Benjamin Franklin and the Serjeant-at-Arms to locate this stranger afterward, because of the seminal words he had spoken, proved impossible, despite the fact that the entire building was patrolled by guards. This is divine providence from our extraterrestrial cousins.

So we have to make a serious decision. In Alex’s words “no more bullshit!”.


The field of exopolitics (our relationship with extraterrestrial civilisations) has gone beyond the phase of ‘do extraterrestrials exist’ - we know for sure they do. The more cogent questions that still rewuire answers are ‘where do they come from’, ‘why are they here?’ and ‘what can we do to learn from this experience?’ Although there has been a small degree, in Alex’s understanding, that some off-world mentoring between extraterrestrial race(s) and our military, it is time for us, the people, to cast aside the middle men who keep us out of the loop and work directly with ETs.
The question is, how?

We have to ask ourselves how we would feel about direct contact with extraterrestrials in mentoring us in resolving the Earth’s problems. If they could give us guidance to solve pollution problems - as an example - they might well point out that we have the technology and the will, but we have to employ that will in order to use that technology to effect change and not fall back into our traditional role of expecting someone else to sort it out for us - we have to empower ourselves and take responsibility. On topics such as food scarcity and water, the reality is that we have an abundance of both for everyone on the planet, but this abundance is denied us because our worldy rulers wish to maintain their control by keeping us in a state of deprivation and need.

Free energy technologies exist on the Earth and have done for some time, yet they remain elusively out of our grasp, because energy freedom brings with it independence from the control system of finance. Alex cited the examples of Nicola Tesla’s work in free energy in 1902 and the hydrogen-engined car which, in 1955, did 110 laps at Indianapolis, but the plans for the car’s propulsion system were bought by Gulf Western Oil and never saw the light of day again. There’s no money to be made out of free energy - no money, no control.

The Law of Consistency

This is how the Andromedan’s describe their holographic civilisation. In this system every child is told of the latest developments in technology. There is no sequestering of this knowledge by élites at the top of the pile, for, as Alex mentioned earlier, in a holographic society, everyone is equal and is entitled to full knowledge. This encourages development and wisdom. This is the antithesis of life on Earth right now where access to knowledge is denied us - we are going backwards!

The Law of Consistency for the Andromedans allows that every truth is spoken, everyone is forgiven, there is no monetary system and there is a free health system but not one based on allopathic drugs and pharmaceuticals - all health administration is frequency-based - colour, light and sound. Everything is based on the soul with full memory from incarnation to incarnation. Our incompletely-activated DNA prevents that here on Earth, memories from previous lives are most often lost and only retrievable, if at all, through retrogressive hypnotherapy.

In order to achieve our own model of the Law of Consistency, we have to abolish the current power structure here on Earth and create a new space to embrace these ideals, we need to create another domain of knowing. In Alex’s words ‘The love that we withhold, is the pain that we carry from lifetime to lifetime", change starts with ourselves.

What we must do

We have to take matters into our own hands and work cooperatively towards making this paradigm change and if we do, the Andromedans and others will meet us half way. No-one wants to live in tyranny and it is essential that at a time when energy changes are imminent, as the Earth crosses the galactic plane, and our consciousness is heightened, we must choose our path, rid the Earth of the influence of the disruptive ET element and stop taking crap from an unelected bureaucracy. We are not lap dogs, we must defend our own lives and freedoms and that of everyone on the planet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Alex Collier Part 1

Project Camelot - Alex Collier at the Los Angeles 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference

Alex Collier has been in business for many years, but the one event that has changed the course of his life was his contact with the Andromedans in the early 1990s, a race from the constellation Andromeda. Since then his life has become a mission, and that mission is to make public what he has been told about the ‘Earth dilemma’.

Nearly 20 years since his first contact, Alex addressed the Awake and Awareness Conference with his latest understanding of our immediate future choices.

‘Enormous Challenges’

At the outset Alex Collier admits that we don’t have all of the data regarding the immediate future, just a lot of fragmented insights, many un-connected dots, but in any event we do face enormous challenges.

Alex believes quite firmly that the inner core of the US government possess knowledge of the ET presence - facts unknown by Congress or President Obama - and will not engage in disclosure of the fact to the general public. If disclosure does take place it is more likely to come from another country like India or China, or, indeed, the ETs themselves.

One crucial requirement needed to get ourselves out of this mire is to dismantle the old pyramidal power structure that has dominated this world for so long. ETs now use a holographic social structure which we need to adapt to and on which Alex said he would explain in more detail later in his talk. A second requirement is that we must create a new domain of ‘knowing’ - a space in which we can allow Earth to be mentored - because we need some help in this transition.

Unreported news

Much of the current NASA Cassini Project to Saturn has been classified because of the amount of mother ship activity in the region. Just 1.5 million miles off the planet’s south pole is stationed a huge mother ship some twenty miles long. Alex also went on to mention that there is a large planetary structure coming which is 18 degrees right ascension of Neptune’s orbit which should be visible to us sometime in the next year. All of this is going un-reported in our daily news.

A government takeover

But rather than ‘spook’ us, Alex wanted to look forward positively, despite the fact that we need to face up to a lot of pretty horrible facts. He expressed a certain amount of sorrow for the US government. An exchange programme established between the Greys and the US military/industrial complex back in the 1950s had gone wrong. The programme allowed the Greys to abduct human beings in order to solve their own genetic problems for which the military/industrial complex would receive knowledge of their advanced technology, but the situation had got out of control and the Greys had turned the tables on us humans and taken the upper hand.

For those, like Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project, who propose, albeit for well-meaning and altruistic reasons, that all ET races should be greeted as benign and benevolent, reality does not bear this out and the secret government's current dilemma, in Alex’s view, is testament to that.

We live in a duality which is evidenced by the desire of our élites to want to eliminate two-thirds of the world’s population and impose global fascism and it is those Greys, who to some extent or other, are forcing the government’s hand with this agenda, primarily for their own ends.

Other speakers at the conference had mentioned the engineered financial crash that will soon bring global economies to their heels and Alex Collier impressed upon the audience that in view of this, the need for self-sufficiency is paramount, the need to form self-sustainable communities and grow your own food being number one and America is going to be in the front line in this collapse. For the New World Order to establish itself thoroughly, the concepts of freedom and personal enterprise which are embodied in the Bill of Rights and Constitution and were established to free the people from the yoke of centralised power, have to be totally eradicated to make way for global serfdom.

Alex firmly places the blame with ourselves for having let the establishment gradually regain its deadly grip over us and the writing has been on the wall for the last century or more. Corruption, abuse of power and geo-political skullduggery are plain to see, yet we let them get away with it to our own detriment. Knowledge of extraterrestrials and free energy sources have been kept from public view for far too long and it is those less-than-benign extraterrestrials that are to blame, along with our traditional ruling élite, for this gross malfunction on our planet.

Alex explained that the secret government had been hoodwinked by the greys simply because they think holographically rather than in the vertical command system that continues to be the modus operandi our earthly rulers. In ET management terms, their society operates on a holographic basis where every fragmented member of their society is in possession of the full picture and all knowledge. Should a section of their community be wiped out, the remainder can continue to have their society function normally. Not so on Earth with its pyramidal power structure where only a few hold all knowledge, without which, the rest, who remain in ignorance, are highly vulnerable.

Banker bailout and swine flu vaccine

Alex Collier revealed that the missing fortunes from the recent banker bailout totalled some 24 trillion and a good deal of this has gone into the secret space programme and the colonisation of our solar system. Whether you wish to believe this fact or not, it isn’t wholly important, the fact of the matter is that the US government - on behalf of the rest of the world - has lost control and this problem has become a galactic issue. But rather than be transparent with the public over their clandestine agreements with the Greys and admit that a problem had developed, they have joined forces with them and are behaving completely against the interests of humanity.

On the subject of the swine flu vaccine, this was yet one more weapon in the arsenal of our subjugation and Alex warned that the vaccine would permanently damage our DNA.


Alex Collier stressed that open dialogue is essential in trying to create some form of coherent understanding and plan to get mankind through this giant threat. UFO researchers - who can now be regarded as being part of the exopolitical paradigm - have an important role to play in raising public awareness of the ET presence here on Earth and their links to our ultimate geo-political structure.

Alex has no doubts that our future as a race is to reach out to space both spiritually and physically on an enlightened course of evolution and it is not our destiny to be discarded by those who wish to banish and enslave us for their own ends with wars and vaccines. We have to make the choice from these two options and if the rest of humankind were fully cognisant of this, the answer, no doubt, would be unanimous - ascension, not the pits of degradation.

The Andromedan prognosis

In response to a heartfelt question posed to an Andromedan by Alex on how they view our current predicament and our future as a race, they replied that we must become truly self-confident and free, becoming unconditionally responsible to ourselves without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

As other ET civilisations become more spiritually advanced they gravitate toward the higher energetic realms in the centre of our galaxy, while those of the lower levels of conscious evolvement inhabit the fringes. We are currently on those fringes and share a common fate of those on adjacent planets who are also having to co-exist with others of similar lower aspiration - the riff raff as Alex describes them. The Andromedans, however, view us genetically as royalty because of our inherent potential. We are highly unique, for within us we have enormous strength and capacity for emotions, intent and drive, not only to survive but to create. What we lack and what has been driven from us is faith in ourselves.

The co-existant evil

A côterie of evil exists on this planet. After WWII, the Germans may have lost the war, but the Nazi ideal continued behind closed doors. Advanced technology that had been garnered by the Germans prior to the war was rescued along with its principal scientists and taken to the US under the guise of Project Paperclip where this technology was developed and combined with that from gained from ET sources, where it was employed in the continued secret quest for global domination, technology which, if employed properly, could have been used for the benefit of mankind. Our continued use of the internal combustion engine and the generation of electricity using fossil fuels is laughable - free energy has been known about for the last 100 years, yet we are saddled with it as long as those who dominate and control our lives on this planet, keep it to themselves to continue their own régime of dominance.

A holographic society

Alex Collier uses this terminology to describe a society where everyone is equal and holds all the necessary information to live their lives on an equal footing. Our current pyramidal structure of command and compartmentalised knowledge has to go completely - there will be no secrets or withheld knowledge in the new holographic global society. As soon as we start to fend for ourselves, learn all there is to know and turn our backs on our worldly rulers in absolute defiance, the old pyramidal structure and its evil will collapse. ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’. Our continued obeyance to the system they have historically built for us will only compound our imprisonment as long as we continue to cower to their threats of financial disintegration, flu scares, wars, famine etc. They maintain their strength from the fear which emanates collectively from us all.

Alex had been asked by the Andromedans to find out how human beings on this planet would react to being mentored by other benevolent extraterrestrial races on the basis that ‘we walk our walk and they walk their walk’ in a symbiosis of mutual respect.

We have to do this voluntarily and ignore our governments who are not truly in control. Our destiny must be borne of the people and not a collective of rulers engaging in self-interest.

Alex cited advice he had been given by the Andromedans:

“Create another domain of knowing, communicating and being, in other words the domain of calling forth or generating your intent needs to be more distinct. Your physics as you call it is a good example of this calling forth. There have been men on your planet who have called forth new domains of thinking that never existed before here. They invented it, they didn’t fantacise, they didn’t pretend, they literally created this new context that you now call physics. Your humanity is strong with this kind of example. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are. I would like to give you an example. Your concept of human rights. It wasn’t so long ago that no such thing existed on your planet. You simply did not have any rights, only the kings and the priests had their rights. But most of you do not have any rights, so you and other terrants created human rights from nothing. You created the domain that created the rights not only to come forth, but you created the language and you communicated it and this communication that you gave had a power because it was full of intent. It has the power to represent and not only to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being. This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves.”