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Alex Collier Part 1

Project Camelot - Alex Collier at the Los Angeles 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference

Alex Collier has been in business for many years, but the one event that has changed the course of his life was his contact with the Andromedans in the early 1990s, a race from the constellation Andromeda. Since then his life has become a mission, and that mission is to make public what he has been told about the ‘Earth dilemma’.

Nearly 20 years since his first contact, Alex addressed the Awake and Awareness Conference with his latest understanding of our immediate future choices.

‘Enormous Challenges’

At the outset Alex Collier admits that we don’t have all of the data regarding the immediate future, just a lot of fragmented insights, many un-connected dots, but in any event we do face enormous challenges.

Alex believes quite firmly that the inner core of the US government possess knowledge of the ET presence - facts unknown by Congress or President Obama - and will not engage in disclosure of the fact to the general public. If disclosure does take place it is more likely to come from another country like India or China, or, indeed, the ETs themselves.

One crucial requirement needed to get ourselves out of this mire is to dismantle the old pyramidal power structure that has dominated this world for so long. ETs now use a holographic social structure which we need to adapt to and on which Alex said he would explain in more detail later in his talk. A second requirement is that we must create a new domain of ‘knowing’ - a space in which we can allow Earth to be mentored - because we need some help in this transition.

Unreported news

Much of the current NASA Cassini Project to Saturn has been classified because of the amount of mother ship activity in the region. Just 1.5 million miles off the planet’s south pole is stationed a huge mother ship some twenty miles long. Alex also went on to mention that there is a large planetary structure coming which is 18 degrees right ascension of Neptune’s orbit which should be visible to us sometime in the next year. All of this is going un-reported in our daily news.

A government takeover

But rather than ‘spook’ us, Alex wanted to look forward positively, despite the fact that we need to face up to a lot of pretty horrible facts. He expressed a certain amount of sorrow for the US government. An exchange programme established between the Greys and the US military/industrial complex back in the 1950s had gone wrong. The programme allowed the Greys to abduct human beings in order to solve their own genetic problems for which the military/industrial complex would receive knowledge of their advanced technology, but the situation had got out of control and the Greys had turned the tables on us humans and taken the upper hand.

For those, like Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project, who propose, albeit for well-meaning and altruistic reasons, that all ET races should be greeted as benign and benevolent, reality does not bear this out and the secret government's current dilemma, in Alex’s view, is testament to that.

We live in a duality which is evidenced by the desire of our élites to want to eliminate two-thirds of the world’s population and impose global fascism and it is those Greys, who to some extent or other, are forcing the government’s hand with this agenda, primarily for their own ends.

Other speakers at the conference had mentioned the engineered financial crash that will soon bring global economies to their heels and Alex Collier impressed upon the audience that in view of this, the need for self-sufficiency is paramount, the need to form self-sustainable communities and grow your own food being number one and America is going to be in the front line in this collapse. For the New World Order to establish itself thoroughly, the concepts of freedom and personal enterprise which are embodied in the Bill of Rights and Constitution and were established to free the people from the yoke of centralised power, have to be totally eradicated to make way for global serfdom.

Alex firmly places the blame with ourselves for having let the establishment gradually regain its deadly grip over us and the writing has been on the wall for the last century or more. Corruption, abuse of power and geo-political skullduggery are plain to see, yet we let them get away with it to our own detriment. Knowledge of extraterrestrials and free energy sources have been kept from public view for far too long and it is those less-than-benign extraterrestrials that are to blame, along with our traditional ruling élite, for this gross malfunction on our planet.

Alex explained that the secret government had been hoodwinked by the greys simply because they think holographically rather than in the vertical command system that continues to be the modus operandi our earthly rulers. In ET management terms, their society operates on a holographic basis where every fragmented member of their society is in possession of the full picture and all knowledge. Should a section of their community be wiped out, the remainder can continue to have their society function normally. Not so on Earth with its pyramidal power structure where only a few hold all knowledge, without which, the rest, who remain in ignorance, are highly vulnerable.

Banker bailout and swine flu vaccine

Alex Collier revealed that the missing fortunes from the recent banker bailout totalled some 24 trillion and a good deal of this has gone into the secret space programme and the colonisation of our solar system. Whether you wish to believe this fact or not, it isn’t wholly important, the fact of the matter is that the US government - on behalf of the rest of the world - has lost control and this problem has become a galactic issue. But rather than be transparent with the public over their clandestine agreements with the Greys and admit that a problem had developed, they have joined forces with them and are behaving completely against the interests of humanity.

On the subject of the swine flu vaccine, this was yet one more weapon in the arsenal of our subjugation and Alex warned that the vaccine would permanently damage our DNA.


Alex Collier stressed that open dialogue is essential in trying to create some form of coherent understanding and plan to get mankind through this giant threat. UFO researchers - who can now be regarded as being part of the exopolitical paradigm - have an important role to play in raising public awareness of the ET presence here on Earth and their links to our ultimate geo-political structure.

Alex has no doubts that our future as a race is to reach out to space both spiritually and physically on an enlightened course of evolution and it is not our destiny to be discarded by those who wish to banish and enslave us for their own ends with wars and vaccines. We have to make the choice from these two options and if the rest of humankind were fully cognisant of this, the answer, no doubt, would be unanimous - ascension, not the pits of degradation.

The Andromedan prognosis

In response to a heartfelt question posed to an Andromedan by Alex on how they view our current predicament and our future as a race, they replied that we must become truly self-confident and free, becoming unconditionally responsible to ourselves without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

As other ET civilisations become more spiritually advanced they gravitate toward the higher energetic realms in the centre of our galaxy, while those of the lower levels of conscious evolvement inhabit the fringes. We are currently on those fringes and share a common fate of those on adjacent planets who are also having to co-exist with others of similar lower aspiration - the riff raff as Alex describes them. The Andromedans, however, view us genetically as royalty because of our inherent potential. We are highly unique, for within us we have enormous strength and capacity for emotions, intent and drive, not only to survive but to create. What we lack and what has been driven from us is faith in ourselves.

The co-existant evil

A côterie of evil exists on this planet. After WWII, the Germans may have lost the war, but the Nazi ideal continued behind closed doors. Advanced technology that had been garnered by the Germans prior to the war was rescued along with its principal scientists and taken to the US under the guise of Project Paperclip where this technology was developed and combined with that from gained from ET sources, where it was employed in the continued secret quest for global domination, technology which, if employed properly, could have been used for the benefit of mankind. Our continued use of the internal combustion engine and the generation of electricity using fossil fuels is laughable - free energy has been known about for the last 100 years, yet we are saddled with it as long as those who dominate and control our lives on this planet, keep it to themselves to continue their own régime of dominance.

A holographic society

Alex Collier uses this terminology to describe a society where everyone is equal and holds all the necessary information to live their lives on an equal footing. Our current pyramidal structure of command and compartmentalised knowledge has to go completely - there will be no secrets or withheld knowledge in the new holographic global society. As soon as we start to fend for ourselves, learn all there is to know and turn our backs on our worldly rulers in absolute defiance, the old pyramidal structure and its evil will collapse. ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’. Our continued obeyance to the system they have historically built for us will only compound our imprisonment as long as we continue to cower to their threats of financial disintegration, flu scares, wars, famine etc. They maintain their strength from the fear which emanates collectively from us all.

Alex had been asked by the Andromedans to find out how human beings on this planet would react to being mentored by other benevolent extraterrestrial races on the basis that ‘we walk our walk and they walk their walk’ in a symbiosis of mutual respect.

We have to do this voluntarily and ignore our governments who are not truly in control. Our destiny must be borne of the people and not a collective of rulers engaging in self-interest.

Alex cited advice he had been given by the Andromedans:

“Create another domain of knowing, communicating and being, in other words the domain of calling forth or generating your intent needs to be more distinct. Your physics as you call it is a good example of this calling forth. There have been men on your planet who have called forth new domains of thinking that never existed before here. They invented it, they didn’t fantacise, they didn’t pretend, they literally created this new context that you now call physics. Your humanity is strong with this kind of example. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are. I would like to give you an example. Your concept of human rights. It wasn’t so long ago that no such thing existed on your planet. You simply did not have any rights, only the kings and the priests had their rights. But most of you do not have any rights, so you and other terrants created human rights from nothing. You created the domain that created the rights not only to come forth, but you created the language and you communicated it and this communication that you gave had a power because it was full of intent. It has the power to represent and not only to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being. This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves.”

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