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David Wilcock - Part 3

Project Camelot - David Wilcock at the Los Angeles 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference

Bacteria and life

Bacteria survives in all manner of environments - in the ice of the Antarctic, the interiors of volcanoes and the core of a nuclear reactor and even after bacteria has been dormant for thousands of years, it can be brought back to life. But what brings a bacterium back to life when it has been hermetically sealed inside the core of a nuclear reactor? Well, those reactor fields are not sealed from the source energy field which permeates everything. It is that underlying energy field that is energising life, for life is everywhere. Sir Francis Crick proved that DNA is far too complex to have evolved by random processes, it would be as if the entire Encyclopedia Britannica had been assembed by chance. Crick also stated that 99.9% of all dust in the galaxy has the spectrographic signature of bacteria.

It is known that space has source field differences to that on Earth. Called the ‘Overview Effect’ or ‘Space Euphoria’, many astronauts have reported the tremendous ‘high’ they get when out in space. Rather like the effects with the directed energy quoted earlier in the pyramids, plant seeds have been shown to have created vegetables that are far larger and more nutrional when grown hydroponically (without soil) in a space capsule that is not shielded with aluminium to block out the energy waves.

Is all life created from these energy waves? Dr James Strick pointed out that in the 19th century there was a battle of beliefs between those that argued in favour of Darwinism and evolution through random selection and those who believed, as Strick does today, that life is spontaneously created from non-living material - that is energy waves. This explains why bacteria can appear in a sterilised test tube, as Louis Pasteur discovered. Alas, he never published the findings because the establishment wanted Darwin’s theory to be the reigning one and instilled into the common mind, promulgating the myth that we are the result of natural selection, as the premise of 'survival of the fittest' is an Illuminati philosophy that furthers their predatory worldview.

To demonstrate that the potential for intelligent life is omnipresent, neurobiologist, Professor Ignacio Ochoa Pacheco, took common beach sand, heated it up to white hot luminescence then put it inside a sterilised test tube flooding it with sterilised distilled water and placed it in a vacuum. Despite the thoroughly sterile conditions of the sand, five days later a scum growth was detected on its surface. Close examination under a microscope revealed all manner of biological material. But the most amazing find, nestled within the sand, was a small organism which comprised of 20,000 to 30,000 genes, which approximates to the number we possess and exhibited the makings of an intelligent form of life with a defence mechanism, excretory system a head and a mouth. So, where does this DNA come from? It comes from space, it is everywhere and life is being created all of the time by this means. See http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=345&Itemid=70

Just this year, a National Geographical study found 235 identical species, including whales, worms and crustaceans simultaneously extant at the north and south poles - but only at the poles! There could be no way that these could have migrated to opposite sides of the planet by any traditionally explicable means other than working on the premise that they were created from this subtle energy field with DNA emanating from it.

The case for a wave field modifying our DNA

Given the above information, David Wilcock then went on to examine the possibility that DNA can be transformed by field changes. Research undertaken by Dr Tszyan Kanchzhen has shown that this can happen. In his research Kanchzhen took a duck which was used as a biofield source and transmitted its genetic information via microwaves to a chicken placed at another location within the apparatus which had eggs in its womb. A chicken, of course, is quite different in its physiology from a duck, it has a shorter beak and no webbed feet. When the eggs hatched, however, the emergent infants were describes as duck-hens, for they exhibited webbing between their toes and a strange looking head which more resembled that of a duck than a chick. Out of 500 eggs of which 480 hatched, 80% had a flat duck-shaped head, 90% had a shift in the position of the eyes and 25% had webbing between the toes. See http://www.rexresearch.com/kanchzhen/kanchzhen.htm

The second demonstrable research with which David concluded his talk was that by Dr Peter Gariaev and his work with DNA wave transformation which also closely reflect the findings of Kanchzhen. In Gariaev’s experiment a laser beam was shone on a salamander carrying its genetic code in a further beam to some freshly laid frog’s eggs. Once hatched, the eggs produced baby salamanders. A whole species metamorphosis had taken place in just one generation!

David says the wave of energy that is to embrace our galaxy will enhance our DNA by similar means. Research by Dr James Raup and Dr David Sepkoski point out that there are 26 and 62 million year evolutionary cycles in Earth’s history. In these cycles these Berkeley scientists have discovered that life either flourishes or becomes extinct. See http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=360&Itemid=70

Galactic Bioenergy Fields

Dr William Tifft has found by looking at hundreds of galaxies in the universe that energy is emanating from the centres of each one on a cyclical basis and this phenomenon is not unique to our own galaxy at the present time. So, as Wilcock posits, are not the dramatic energy changes we see taking place on all other planets in our solar system due to the proven knowledge that an energy wave is currently emanating from the centre of our own galaxy at this time and that this phenomenon is one of the regular 62-65 million year cyclical events that has, historically, enervated the DNA of all species on this planet as it brings with it new DNA information to carry our development to the next stage of evolution?

The Speeding up of Human Evolution

John Hawks, an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin, has discovered that our DNA is evolving at an increasing rate, up to 100 times faster in the last 5,000 years. We are more genetically different from our counterparts of 5,000 years ago than they were from the Neanderthals 30,000 years before them. In a nutshell, human beings have changed genetically more in the last 5,000 years than ever before in their entire history - evolution is speeding up!

The ‘Flynn Effect’ states that our IQ has been increasing on the average of three points per decade. With studies conducted in over 20 countries this escalation of our IQ has continued on a upward spiral for over 100 years and that that increase is most striking for test measuring the ability to recognise abstract and non-verbal patterns, that is, it is a symbolic intelligence and doesn’t arise from the increase in information flow.

An additional piece of evidence also suggests that our consciousness can be affected by astronomical conditions. Dr James Spottiswoode’s analysis of ‘Anomalous Cognition’ following 20 years of measuring people’s ESP abilities at different times of the day, found that ESP can be modulated by lunar cycles. See http://www.mind-energy.net/archives/222-A-Lunar-Modulation-Effect-on-ESP,-too.html


The historical record of periodic and cyclical energy changes here on Earth which have coincided with key moments in the development of life on this planet, observations from superluminal craft that have confirmed that an energy wave is emanating from the centre of our galaxy, the activity beginning to manifest itself on all other planets in our solar system, experimentation showing how DNA can be influenced by microwaves carrying genetic information and the increasing rate at which our DNA is changing, are all indicators that something extraordinary is afoot. Although its actual manifestation upon the human race and just what geophysical effect this energy wave will have upon our planet is hard to quantify in reality, there seems to be a strong body of evidence that we are on the brink of something that may herald great change.

When one considers the way in which the élite are rapidly speeding up their plans to incarcerate us both mentally and physically, seem both to reflect the increasing speed at which change is taking place and also their embarkation on an ever-more frenetic race to cull our mental acuity before these cosmic changes cause us to rise out of their control matrix which they believe would herald the demise of their stranglehold over us.

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  1. Crick also stated that 99.9% of all dust in the galaxy has the spectrographic signature of bacteria.

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