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David Wilcock - Part 1

Perhaps one of the most elevating and almost ‘messianic’ bearers of news regarding the energy changes we are about to experience en-masse, is David Wilcock. His talks are incredibly uplifting and necessary in helping our minds to adjust to a higher consciousness, dispelling the negative thought of the current world in which we live.

In part one I will give a little background to David Wilcock, while in parts two and three I will summarise how he views the effects of the energy or superwave, that I described in Dr Paul LaVoilette’s profile, and what he believes its affects will be on humanity, based on his understanding and research.

An infant prodigy

Now a professional lecturer and film-maker, David exhibited an extraordinary interest in psychic matters from a very early age. When only seven, he became enraptured by a book entitled ‘How to Make ESP Work For You’, by Harold Sherman. This was followed by a book on hypnosis and soon after Eric Iverson’s ‘Nostradamus’ Prophecies’, very deep and wholly unusual reading matter for someone not long out of infant grade, but David was regarded as being remarkably intelligent for his age. He also had a number of psychic experiences at this time including being out-of-body and had vivid dreams of UFOs which included conversations with one particular character who David likens to Obi-Wan Kenobi from the movie ‘Star Wars’.

Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation?

A striking fact, but one which David doesn’t wish to dwell on, is his striking resemblance to the famous psychic and visionary, the late Edgar Cayce, and indeed both his physiognomy and that of his relatives to those same relatives of Cacye’s. See in which are also revealed the astrological similarities between the two characters.

Discovering the UFO paradigm

A little later during David’s education, a friend mentioned to him that the physics professor had told him that UFOs are real. Although David’s dreams had been full of UFOs, he had never taken the phenomenon seriously, but was sufficiently intrigued by the remark that he went off to find the professor to see what he had to say. It turned out that he was an ex-NASA employee and he told David “We know this is true, but we are never going to let it go out on the main headline of the New York Times, and the reason why is that we shock-tested the public with 'War of the Worlds', and found that they really can't handle the truth, because they're going to think that they're being invaded. They will panic, and the economy will go belly up, so we just can't let this out."

The professor went on to add what they had discovered from crashed UFOs, explaining that the base of the craft they had inspected, when the ceramic housing was examined under a microscope, comprised of one giant computer chip. From this advanced technology, industry had managed to back-engineer fibre optics, Teflon, Kevlar bullet-proof vests, lasers, LED lights, infrared night vision and a host of other technologies.

(As an aside, this corresponds with the testimony of the late Col. Philip J Corso in his book ‘The Day After Roswell’ in which he reveals how, under the aegis of the Foreign Technology Desk in US Army Research and Development, bits of retrieved UFOs were brought to him for seeding to chosen corporations for back-engineering and development.)

The professor went on to describe the three different alien species they had encountered and the advanced propulsion systems employed by their craft.

So, as David says “I finished college; I got my bachelors degree in psychology, and I got a PhD in UFOs!”

Our extraterrestrial origins

A little later David Wilcock further expanded his extraterrestrial knowledge from reading Maurice Chatelain’s book 'Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space - A NASA Expert Confirms Mankind's Extraterrestrial Origins'.

Chatelain, who was NASA’s former Apollo programme Director of Communications, published this work in 1995 in which he spilled the beans on how they had found evidence of ruins on the Moon during the Apollo mission (much of the photographic evidence of which has ‘disappeared’ from official NASA archives). The book also went into how ET races had bestowed upon homo sapiens sapiens, very advanced technologies in our past, the remnants of which can be evidenced in the ancient pyramids and other artifacts all over the world.

A world of dreams and travel

David’s dreams were so often lucid and he made an effort to write them down, but in order to take command of that dream you have to remember that when your are dreaming you must tell yourself as such, so that the conscious mind can command the direction in which the dream goes.

This ability for David to remember dreams allowed him to recall in great detail the contents of 500 books he read over a period of three years.

In one other memorable dream, David describes how he was approached by an ET in the wake of whom all the books he had previously read started to fly towards David, hitting him on the head. This was followed by a sudden inward rush of all the information in them and a sudden revelation of how all of the information fitted together.

David’s gift of psychometry helped him one day in assessing the value of a book by Dr Scott Mandelker entitled ‘The Subculture Of Those Who Claim To Be of Non-Earthly Origins’. By just holding its cover in the shop, the strong tingling sensation David got compelled him to buy it. On the back page was this statement "If you can answer these twelve questions in the affirmative about yourself, then you very likely are an extraterrestrial soul in a human body who has forgotten who you really are." On reading these questions David immediately realised he was one such being!

But David needed proof. One day in total frustration for this proof, he sent up a prayer, which seemingly brought no response. That is until his brother related a dream that he had had in which a UFO appeared with its beings bringing a message of a wonderful future for mankind which would follow our dismal present. David, who was beside his brother in the dream was then asked to step forward to be told that "It is very important that you know he is one of us." When his brother related the dream to David the next morning, he greeted it with interest, but no more than that until much later in the day. While driving in dreadful weather to Albany NY, he suddenly connected his brother’s dream to the prayer he had sent up. Here was the proof that he was an extraterrestrial soul who had forgotten his real identity!

From that moment on, David knew he had a mission, to get the word out about humanity’s future.

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