Monday, October 12, 2009

Andrew Basiago

Andrew Basiago interviewed on Red Ice Radio.

Author of the book ‘The Discovery of Life on Mars’ and member of the Mars Anomaly Research Society, Andrew Basiago’s observations of the anomalies on Mars add to those of Bob Dean's Moon and Saturn findings I reported in the last blog. In studying recent NASA photographic material, Basiago has identified evidence of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, built structures and dead bodies upon the planet.

But it is Andrew Basiago’s evidence of very advanced technologies employed routinely by the US industrial/military complex that is so compelling and revealing.

Being party to such knowledge since his childhood, Basiago has decided it is time to go public and his contribution of this highly significant information into the public domain acts as yet one more dot in an emerging picture of the true nature of what has been going on behind closed doors in secret facilities for so long and underlines the complicity of certain levels within parallel governments who have been veering the course of our destiny in a doubtful direction.

Project Pegasus

Today, Basiago is a trial lawyer working in Washington state, but during his early childhood in New Jersey in the late sixties and early seventies, he was co-opted with several other hand-picked children into a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project entitled Project Pegasus in which Donald Rumsfeld acted as defence attaché. In special rooms at the back of his school these children would devote a large percentage of their week engaged in this esoteric project and would be put through rigorous training to withstand time travel both in virtual reality and actual form. Basiago’s father was also engaged in this work through a sub-contractor to the project, the Ralph M Parsons Corporation and was fully aware of his son’s participation in it.

Project Pegasus was founded to some extent on the work of Nicola Tesla whose papers were seized by the War Department after Tesla’s death in 1943. This included teleportation technology and it was in this area of research that the young Basiago was engaged.

Other aspects of Pegasus were based on research undertaken by two scientists from the Vatican who, by accident, had discovered the ability to capture signals from past events. With the help of the noted physicist Enrico Fermi, researchers managed to capture these signals and display them on a cathode ray tube, thus viewing images from beyond our current time frame, the means of doing so being coined chronovision. Taking this a stage further holograms could be created and projected, where the participant, by standing in the projection convergence area, could experience past and future events in virtual reality.


During the time Basiago was participating in this experimentation, he was taken to a facility in New Jersey where two tall devices generated an intense field, which, when viewed from several feet away, gave the impression of a waterfall in a park, but which on closer inspection looked rather like the raster on a TV screen. But once inside this field, the young Basiago found himself being physically teleported. The technology had artificially created an opening in time space and the research team were using this to teleport participants to a location some 2,000 miles away in Santa Fe, New Mexico. By creating, what physicists term, the quantum plenum, the human body could be teleported without having to be dismantled on a cellular level, only to be re-assembled at the other side, a process which would completely destroy the cellular metabolism of the individual.


Basiago’s concern is that this technology has been totally sequestered by the military and kept tightly under lock and key. In Basiago’s view, such technologies could be used for the general good of humanity (although I would suggest not until man has achieved a much higher level of spirituality and cosmic consideration). It is interesting to observe that the quantum plenum teleportation device that Basiago describes is so similar in appearance to the teleporting device used in Star Trek - but then wasn’t Gene Roddenberry privy to a lot of what was going on and allowed to seed it in the minds of a TV audience?

Basiago also, in hindsight, deplores the way that innocent children can be collared and exploited by the military/industrial complex and used as guinea pigs in black budget projects such as Pegasus. He also deplores the mind control trauma associated with the project that each child was subject to in order to compartmentalise their experiences so they would be locked out of their everyday reality and never revealed to the public at large. It is the regression therapy, presumably, that Basiago has subsequently undergone that has allowed these experimental years to re-surface into his conscious mind and now allows him to reveal to the world. Nearly all of his school friends who were also engaged in this research cannot speak or even access memory of those experiments without re-experiencing the effects associated that mind control trauma.

Time viewing

During the Project Pegasus days, Basiago was also trialled in remote viewing exercises using the chronovisor - a virtual reality time travel tool which required him to wear a protective copper-lined helmet and special clothing in order to shield him from the highly dangerous levels of radiation employed by the equipment.

He describes how this technology has been used by the CIA to look forward in time in order to select future leaders. According to Basiago, Obama was already earmarked for president back in 1982 and had been reared for the job ever since. Indeed all four last presidents have been under similar long-term assignment and this only highlights the pre-disposed way in which politics in the US is conducted, the various opposition candidates being just part of a carefully orchestrated piece of theatre. The geo-politically-savvy have long suspected this but may not have factored in the fruits of Project Pegasus research, the quantum plenum and chronovision as part of the presidential selection process!

Of course, this begs the question, just how many other high profile public figures are similarly selected and subsequently fostered using such technology. Pop icons such as Michael Jackson have been known to have close ties to the CIA and are most likely all part of the carefully planned and orchestrated fairy tale that is being used to manipulate our minds, our fads and fancies, reaping financial reward for Illuminati-controlled corporations.

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