Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marcia Schafer

Marcia Schafer is a remarkable woman. With a highly comprehensive background in medicine, government, industry and marketing, she has turned her hand to business consulting - but with a difference. Marcia’s advice is geared towards having her clients adopt a new mindset and approach to their business which is more in tune with the changing times ahead. In her own words “..I’m basically planting human seeds, by giving them skills they need to walk into a world, to build a different type of future than the one that seems to be being handed off to us”.

Her advice is not just purely restricted to giving people business skills, she also offers them spiritual, mystical and esoteric knowledge appropriate to our changing times of increased awareness.

With clients in 14 countries around the world and covering a wide range of age groups, Marcia is amazed how readily her trainees are really anxious and keen to learn about the esoteric side of her teaching. It seems to her that a whole demographic group, particularly the entreprenurial types she comes into contact with, are embracing a more spiritual and holistic view of the world with relish. She has had a number of clients remark that they have seen ‘things in the sky’ or that they ‘saw a ghost’ and she is amazed how quickly they are tuning into the more spiritual realm.
It’s the more soulful approach that Marcia offers to guiding their careers that seems to develop the very best in her clients, getting them on a much sounder footing for their future lives.

Marcia likes to think that many of the people she is working are ‘reincarnated initiates’, people who will pass on this enlightened view of the world. Her inherent psychic abilities help her work enormously and she can divine a client’s character and even ‘see’ their previous lives which all helps in continuing their overall progression or soul path.

Shedding people of their fears is also highly important and Marcia goes to great lengths to explain the more esoteric experiences in people’s lives to help them overcome that fear. After all knowledge empowers and provides her clients with confidence. Her teaching of our extraterrestrial roots, imparting knowledge of ETs, their involvement with the human race historically, aspects of different realities and technologies all go into the rich brew of enlightenment, adding to personal empowerment and understanding.

Marcia Schafer confesses that she has had some contact with Andromedans and Sirians and speaks at length of them as multi-dimensional teachers who watch over us, guiding humanity in a hands-off way, although she admits that you have to earn your privileges in order to establish a long-lasting relationship.

On a more down to earth level, Marcia is always questioned about the current global financial and geo-political hiatus that we are currently witnessing, which is disconcerting to so many people. Her continual channeling contact with these multi-dimensional teachers, has enabled Marcia to pass on the advice that we have repeatedly been here before in our history. What we have to do is let go of the old paradigm, the material and social blindness that we have all succumbed to and build new opportunities in “the way that they should be built” and reap the benefits of such a new outlook. Many will find that transistion difficult having become used to all of those material trappings that the system has encouraged us to own, yet that change is vital. Thinking innovatively, utilising new, clean technologies and in accordance with our need to transform our lives away from global corporatism, are all part of this process and if we fail collectively on this crucial issue, there will be severe consequences to pay.

By shedding the shackles of the old control matrix paradigm, thinking honestly and freely, having a heartfelt goal, being prepared to enter uncharted territory, free from fear and creating total trust in yourself is key. With these new survival tools Marcia feels confident that you will go where you want to go.

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