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Henry Deacon

Henry Deacon is a pseudonym taken from the name of a polymath who appears in the Eureka TV series and it is under this disguise that this Lawrence Livermore physicist publicly appears. Henry is unable to say much about his working career as it is a matter of national security and he would only reveal that which would not land him in immediate trouble.

What Henry Deacon imparted to Project Camelot’s Dan Ryan back in 2007 is of such profound importance to humanity. in order to help us try to understand what is really going on in the world and is vital to aid our understanding of the seemingly esoteric nature of physical reality and our association with ET races.

As it is important to ensure that Henry Deacon’s comments are accurately relayed, because of the sensitive nature of his disclosure and therefore not to upset the sworn agreement between Project Camelot and Henry to maintain discretion, I will quote Henry’s statements verbatim from his 2007 interview.

Advanced technologies

Henry Deacon explains that the scientific projects undertaken at the likes of the Lawrence Livermore Lab go way beyond anything that’s out in the public domain and indeed the mainstream science journals. To quote Henry: “There's a project called Shiva Nova at Livermore which uses arrays of giant lasers. These are huge lasers, huge capacitors, many terawatts of energy, in a building built on giant springs [extends his arms to show the size], all focused on a tiny tiny point. This creates a fusion reaction which replicates certain conditions for nuclear weapons testing. It’s like a nuke test in lab conditions, and there's very powerful data collection focused on that point where all the energy is focused.

"The problem is that all extremely high-energy events like this create rips in the fabric of spacetime. This was observed back in the early Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, and you can even see it in the old movies. The problem with creating rips in spacetime, whether they're big or little, is that things get in that you don’t want to be there.”
Incredibly, the things that get in, are beings, influences and “all kinds of weird stuff”. These rips in the fabric of spacetime can cause all manner of problems which the Livermore scientists, along with ET help - for I’m sure they know exactly what we are getting up to - try to fix, but not always successfully.

This tampering with spacetime began many years ago after WWII when the Montauk Project (see for just one source of information on this highly covert project) was launched and whose purpose was to develop time travel and many other esoteric research projects. During such experimentation a 40-year time split was created, which they have subsequently been unable to mend.

The last few decades have seen experimentation in industrial/military circles with Stargate technology - that which can open up an existing portal in spacetime and create a means of instantaneous travel in time and space.

One of these portals connects Earth with Mars permanently and Henry points out that we - or the out of view military/industrial complex - have had a number of bases on the planet since the early sixties and scientists are routinely teleported back and forth between the two planets on a regular basis.

Non-local communication

When asked what further information Henry Deacon had on other projects, he replied: “This may interest you if you have a physics background. You know what signal non-locality is, right? When two particles in different parts of the universe can apparently communicate with each other simultaneously, no matter what the distance. Communications devices have been made for communicating across vast distances and also locally using a methodology that’s impossible to eavesdrop on, because there's nothing traveling between the two devices that can be intercepted. It’s impossible to crack or codebreak or eavesdrop because no signal travels anywhere, so there’s no signal to be intercepted or decoded. It just doesn’t work like that.

"The beauty of it is that the devices are actually so simple to build. You can create two chaotic circuits, on a couple of small breadboards using cheap components which anyone can buy, and they communicate with each other in this way. You can build these if you know how.”

Witnessing ETs

Project Camelot interviewer Dan Ryan went on to ask Henry Deacon what he knew about the ET presence here on Earth. Henry’s reply was “Look up the movie Wavelength. It’s based on a totally true story. Have you seen it? It's based on an incident that took place at Hunter Liggett. This is a hot one.” In reponse to the location of Hunter Liggett, Henry explained “90 miles south-south-east of Monterey, California. My primary station at the time was Fort Ord.

"I was working there back in the early 70s, when I was in the military, and I was working under CDCEC, which is Combat Developments Command Experimentation Command. You can go look that up.

"We were doing testing of all kinds of devices, and we lived out in the field there. We wore laser protection goggles a lot of the time and we had our eyes dialated routinely to check our retinas for burns. Some of the cattle in the fields even wore modified goggles! This was the most bizarre sight you could ever imagine.

"Well, one day something happened while we were testing. A disk came into the area and it was hovering, it hovered right directly in front of us, out in a field. So we shot the ****ing thing down. We should never have done it. It wasn't me personally, but the group did. Between us we had all this gizmo weaponry and I guess they panicked and thought they were in a movie or something. The disk was disabled and it was captured, and so were the occupants, and I saw these very briefly. They were small child-like humanoids, with no hair. And they had small eyes, not large almond-shaped eyes. I don’t think anyone knows about this. As far as I know it’s not on the internet.

"Most of the other witnesses ended up in Vietnam and many were killed. I may be the only living witness to what happened... I don’t know.

"The rest of the story is in a sci-fi movie called Wavelength, which was released in the early '80s. I’d never heard of it until I ran into it years later, in Arizona. Did I just say this?

"When I saw the video, I was expecting some, you know, light entertainment with a beer or two, but I mean, my mouth just hung wide open. The beginning of the film just completely clearly and accurately describes the incident, and the film is very close to the rest of the story, including the use of an abandoned Nike base in Southern California to store them.

"Go find it. It’s all basically true. I was just amazed when I saw it. The person who wrote it must have been there, or knew someone who was there. But I don’t know who.

"I had a genuine alien photo once. I showed it to someone, a woman, a very talented woman, who was a microbiologist working for one of the agencies. It scared the s*** out of her. I couldn’t believe it. She just didn’t want to deal with it at all. And I’d say that just suggests that the public, even scientists aren’t ready for this information to be released. And this person was really smart. It didn’t stop her from freaking out, just not wanting to know. She was just, you know, totally spooked.”

When asked what the photograph showed, Henry explained that “It showed a small being with dark skin, kind of black and wrinkled. He was a sole survivor of an incident. But he died shortly afterwards. He had a suit that was self-healing, ah... self-repairing. It was a kind of fabric, or something, that would actually repair itself. And he had an artifact with him that was some kind of remote control device, and that was taken away from him. Henry implied that the being was a time traveller".


Henry Deacon made a brief comment about the compartmentalised nature of the work undertaken by scientists working on advanced projects, explaining how no-one has a joined-up picture of what is really happening, which, of course, helps to maintain secrecy.

“I mean, it’s just so incredibly complicated. It’s so complex it’s possible that no one person has all the information. Most of the agencies don’t know what the other agencies know and everything is heavily compartmentalized right up the wazoo. No-one talks to anyone else about this stuff. Sometimes entire projects are duplicated at the cost of God knows how many billions because the existence of the other project is unknown, it‘s kept from them. I mean, I’m a scientist, and scientists sometimes have one arm tied behind their backs because they can't communicate freely. In fact, they can’t communicate at all. And there are dozens, hundreds of classified projects, I mean major ones. It’s just a total mess.

"Look, there are many groups of ETs, and besides our own ancestors are mixed in there. There are time loops upon time loops, and it’s all a mess. You’d need an IQ of 190 to figure it all out.”

UFO cover-up

In acknowledgement to Dan Ryan’s interview with NASA’s John Lear over the retouching of photographs taken of the moon, Henry’s reply was: “I did see your interview with John Lear, talking about the moon photos and the way they’re airbrushed. NASA does that all the time. He’s quite a character, by the way. I’d like to meet him one day.

"What few people know is that radar reports for the National Weather Service are also airbrushed, so that certain radar images aren’t released. I don’t mean airbrushed as in by hand. The radar images are electronically filtered using software. Some of these radar traces are huge. In addition, the weather radar won’t record traces that are moving faster than a certain high speed, a couple of thousand miles an hour. But there are still traces (of UFO’s) which need to be removed. They’re often optically invisible, but usually show up on radar. They’re also visible in ultraviolet... I don’t think this is generally known by people."

Time Loops

On this subject Henry Deacon’s response was “The situation with time loops is that there are a large number of parallel timelines, lots of branches. There are no paradoxes. If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, that’s the grandfather paradox everyone talks about, there’s no paradox. When you go back and change the past, it creates a different timeline, which is a new branch of the original one. On that timeline, you’d not be born and wouldn’t exist, so that aspect of the paradox is true. Do you see? But on this timeline, which you’re on here and now, you do exist, and continue to do so. There’s no paradox. It’s simple… do you see? You’re dealing with different branches of a kind of time tree. No principles get violated. All future events are possibilities, not certainties. That’s kind of pretty important, an important... distinction. That's really all I can say about that.”


“OK. Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet, because of global warming. Now, gold microparticles, real gold, were used once in a similar situation on another planet, but I guess they had lots of gold, and we used aluminum instead. Global warming is partly because of the greenhouse effect, and that certainly makes things worse, but most of it is because of increased solar activity. Solar activity is the real problem.” (Take note those that blame it on anthropogenic carbon emissions).

“Scientifically, it’s just a total gamble. Not nearly enough is understood. It may work, or maybe it won't. It could easily make things worse. There may also be health side-effects, weather side-effects, God knows what. It affects the whole planet and here you have a unilateral, non-democratic decision, unconnected with the political or democratic process, to launch a huge technological special project that affects everyone on earth. If that’s not controversial, I don’t know what is. The solution is to keep it secret. It’s the usual kneejerk solution, too.”

Henry adds that there are also weather wars and that “The Air Force will own the weather within two years”.

The Report from Iron Mountain

For those who are not acquainted with this report published in 1967 - one which is popularly believed to be a parody - it was set out as a top secret US government policy document and in the light of recent global events seems to contain more than a grain of truth for it outlined a strategy for the future management of the global population in the absence of wars. Henry Deacon’s response to its veracity came with this reply. For more information see

“Much of that is true. I was working with a group down in (location omitted). They called us in and passed out a report. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even connected with what we were working on, and it came just right out of the blue, out of nowhere, and none of us were expecting it. The guy said, and I’ll never forget it because it struck me as just wrong: ‘There are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves. Then they told us to go and read the report, and that was that.

"There wasn’t any choice, and there still isn’t. The way they see it is there are too many people, and, you know, they're right. That's true. So they figure they need to eliminate them and they're planning solutions to this. I happen to think it doesn’t have to be that way. Apart from what I’ve mentioned so far about the spacetime problems, the problem is overpopulation. It’s as simple as that. There are programs to reduce global population for everyone’s benefit. Believe it or not, the intent there is positive. It was put together by Kennedy way back then. The RAND Corporation was involved, and one of the Rockefellers, I forget which one, probably Laurance, I think.”
By killing people off, Dan Ryan interjected “Basically, yes. Artificial viruses that have been deployed using a number of means and are hard to detect or identify and nearly impossible to cure. Medical people in the public domain can't identify what's happening.” (Historically AIDS and to bring this postulation up to date - Swine Flu?)

Henry’s feelings on this are mixed. “As an individual flesh-and-blood human being, I’m appalled. And as a scientist trained to look at things from a high vantage point, a high overview, I have to say that I can understand the thinking.

"You have to understand that I’m not defending or condoning this. It’s just a comment from an abstract scientific perspective. But the problems we face on this planet are so huge that very few people have the training or experience to view it all, to see it all in the same field of vision.

My situation was different, and I got a chance to see a lot of things because of the nature of my work. Most people don’t see it all. But I've worked with many agencies, and I have the big picture.

"Do you know that it’s legal to test biological and chemical agents against US citizens? It’s legal. You know, all that has to be done is to get the approval of the mayor of the city, or his equivalent in any area. Or some representative official. No-one knows this, but it can be checked out. Go look it up. It’s all carefully hidden away in the law somewhere, but it’s all in the public domain. It's all there.”

To summarise, back in early 2007, Henry’s feelings about the future were not so bright, “Look, I don’t want to shock anyone, but I’m not optimistic. The problems facing us as a race on this planet are huge. I don't believe most civilians are ready and able to comprehend and deal with the sheer scale and complexity of it all. They have enough trouble managing their everyday lives, and these problems are on a completely different level. Overpopulation is really the biggest issue. Everything else facing us is connected with this.

"You see, I can understand the military taking matters into their own hands. If there was full disclosure of all the problems, and all the proposed solutions, do you really think it would help any of us? I suggest the answer is probably not. It would just complicate matters further.

But deep down I do feel that everyone should know these things, or else I would not be talking with you. The essential message I want to leave with is that I do actually hope and want to believe that we as a people can handle all this, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and doubt it, but deep down I want people to know the important things that have been kept from us all. But sometimes I do wonder. You don’t know what I haven't told you.”


In a much more recent interview with Rafa Palacios at the recent Exopolitics Barcelona Summit held last July, Henry Deacon’s feelings about the future are more positive, now citing the coming planetary changes that I have mentioned earlier - see - he feels that the awakening consciousness which will come as a result of these changes will render the powers-that-be in this world, impotent. The continual quest for the powers-that-be to totally dominate the remaining members of mankind after having wiped out a good percentage of the population and rendering the rest total slaves of the system - even more so than now - will not materialise.

Although Henry says that this great spiritual awakening will take place naturally anyway, in the short term to help facilitate the transistion we have to cast aside our differences as human beings and our adherence to stultifying religious beliefs, which only serve the system and realise we are a part of an intergalactic community sharing a common ancestry. In the inevitable political and financial turmoil that is soon to come in that short term we must adopt a measured and peacefully resistant stance against the enormities of our controllers, and refrain from violence, for if we resort to an aggressively animalistic response we will be giving our captors the golden excuse to incarcerate even more and further their agenda, the last thing we want.

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