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Dr Paul LaVoilette

According to, Paul laVoilette PhD is author of ‘Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion’, ‘Subquantum Kinetics’, ‘Earth Under Fire’, ‘Genesis of the Cosmos’, ‘Decoding the Message of the Pulsars’, ‘Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth’, and is editor of ‘A Systems View of Man’. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation.

LaVoilette’s parents had worked on the Manhattan Project, so he had an early exposure to nuclear physics and associated science. During his education, he attended a business course in Chicago to come to an understanding of how businesses work as an organic entity. This set him upon a path of involvement with Systems Science, an interdisciplinary field of science which studies the nature of complex systems allowing an overview across a number of normally quite separate and compartmentalised scientific specialisms. He has also studied at length, historical mythology and the lore of ancient civilisations to add to his knowledge of understanding physical realities in the past.

Recurring events

Paul LaVoilette went on to found the Starburst Foundation which was to form the study of a perceived ‘superwave’, which he believes is going to affect Earth in the very near future and his intention was to use his findings to alert humanity of this probable forthcoming event which could have quite devastating effect on this planet.

His hypothesis of the superwave theory is based upon evidence that there are superwaves that emanate from the centre of our galaxy, some 23,000 light years away, on a cyclical basis. This hypothesis is also supported by evidence from the examination of ice core samples in which spikes of Beryllium 10 - indicators of pronounced cosmic ray activity - appear on a cyclical basis through their history which span the last few hundred thousand years. The evidence of these spikes is corroborated by other glaciologists, although they purport the reason for them to be the result of supernova explosions, without providing the evidence of the supernova. The fact that these superwave bursts happen on a regular cyclical basis rules this theory out in LaVoilette’s view, since exploding stars are relatively rare events and they don’t occur in a regular cyclical fashion.

These cyclical periods span several time intervals, one every 26,000 to 28,000 years, which parallels the precessional cycles of the Earth; another around every 11,500 years and another of around 5,700 year intervals - which is close to the Mayan Calendar cycle - and several small cyclical events taking place roughly every 500 years.

Each of these events has caused climate change here on Earth, the smaller 5,300 cycle having last resulted in sudden global cooling, and samples of fresh vegetation having being flash frozen along with the discovery of the Ice Man, who was found petrified in the Alps, all date from that time and provide evidence of this.

The event of 11,500, or so, years ago was a major one and had an immense effect upon the Earth approximating in time to the biblical great flood.

The ‘superwave’

Paul LaVoilette explains that the superwave comprises of cosmic wave electrons, gamma rays, X-rays, light and radio waves and a gravity wave, all travelling at the speed of light towards our solar system, permeating the entire galaxy in a spherical shell-like formation. He believes that the effects that this superwave brings could last for hundreds if not up to 4,000 years.

He points out that because the superwave is travelling at the speed of light, there can be no warning of its arrival until it is on Earth’s doorstep, so to speak, when detectors would pick it up. LaVoilette speculates that the only sort of warning that could be given in relation to its progress towards Earth would be if an extraterrestrial civilisation in a distant part of space in advance of the path of the wave, could communicate with us by superluminal means (faster than the speed of light), relaying to us its approach to Earth.

Although LeVoilette only hypothesises on this possibility, it just might be - having listened to the whistleblower testimony that Project Camelot and the Disclosure Project has been throwing up - a possibility.

Black ops intelligence

To support that possibility, Project Camelot put it to LeVoilette that one of their whistleblowers from deep within the US military/industrial complex, Jake Simpson (pseudonym), had told them that they had actually sent out a superluminal craft beyond this solar system and had actually found evidence of a vast area of energy approaching in the direction of our galaxy which might be expected to arrive here sometime between now and 2017.

At this revelation, LeVoilette became rather upset. That black ops could be engaging in work of this kind on a secretive basis and not communicating their findings to the appropriate scientific community to engage a collaborative process which would be in everybodies interest, was very distressing. Having devoted the last thirty years to superwave theory, La Voilette finds it highly annoying to be left out of the loop, being denied such important information, although, he points out, it is highly probable that they are cogniscant with his work and may be employing elements of it in their own research. But in the end the real losers are the human race. His work has been based purely on historical precedent and to have access to actual knowledge such as this would be greatly beneficial for all in being able to prepare for such an event.

Black out

What Paul LaVoilette can surmise for sure is that the nature of the superwave’s front, comprising of a dense mass of cosmic waves with an intense electromagnetic pulse, would result in the wiping out of all global communications and electrical power, frying power lines and electronic equipment, satellites, cell phone networks etc. This would likely be preceded by a gravity wave which would trigger earthquakes and other seismic events across the Earth.

Climate changes could occur in the aftermath of the superwave’s initial impact, and if of a major kind, would have lasting after-effects. This could come as a result of the superwave vapourising cometary ice which surrounds our solar system, releasing vast clouds of dust which could interfere with the way light gets from the sun, creating extra solar flare activity which would in turn have its impact on our planet, possibly causing more damage than the superwave itself.


Having listened to the postulations of those like Alfred Webre, Carl Calleman and David Wilcock (whose accounts I will relate in the near future) who suggest that Earth’s imminent alignment with the black hole, or highly energetic centre of our galaxy bringing about a vast energy surge which will envelope this planet, in many ways concurs with LaVoilette’s superwave hypothesis, although LaVoilette wouldn’t be drawn into supporting the notion that Webre, Wilcock and others purport that this surge of cosmic energy might affect our DNA. LaVoilette’s scenario appears more catastrophic on a geophysical level than that purported by Webre et al, but whatever the outcome big changes here on Earth are on their way.

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