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Bill Holden

Engaged as a Loadmaster and Flight Steward in US Air Force Special Missions, Bill Holden led an interesting career and became privy to certain aspects of top secret projects being conducted by the US government. Not only did this involve the back-engineering of their technologies to which the military had become acquainted, but also direct liaison with extraterrestrial beings.

President Kennedy’s revelation

His first interesting encounter came aboard Air Force One in 1963 while employed as one of the onboard stewards accompanying President Kennedy to Berlin on the eve of his famous ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech. During the flight, Bill had picked up a couple of German newspapers, the headlines of which reported on a UFO sighting over an autobahn the previous day. While fetching Kennedy a glass of fruit juice, Bill left one of the papers beside it. Kennedy asked Bill what he thought of the report and he replied that his upbringing had taught him to believe that there must be other intelligent lifeforms out there and that he believed the reports to be credible. To Bill's surprise Kennedy replied “You're right, young man”.

Bill Holden’s ‘Top Hat’ clearance vowed him to secrecy and not to disclose any conversation he might overhear while aboard any presidential flight. To attain this clearance Bill had been subjected to and Extensive Background Investigation (EBI) to assess his suitability for maintenance of such secrecy. For years he had never disclosed Kennedy’s response.

First encounter

While based at Zweibruken in Germany, Bill Holden had the opportunity to fly in one of the new F-104 Starfighters. Being just about the fastest aircraft around at that time, they were soon to find out that their capability would be outmatched when Bill spotted another craft close by. When they hit the afterburners in an attempt to pursue the craft, it advanced away from them at tremendous speed, belying the fact that it could be of terrestrial origin. Back at base after reporting the sight they were told in no uncertain terms to forget about it, they hadn’t seen anything, and tell no-one of the incident. But what they had witnessed bore a very close resemblance to the craft in the reported autobahn sighting.

Bill was always amazed at the reluctance of US newspapers and media to report saucer sightings. He recalls the front page headlines in the British Fylde Evening Gazette at the time he spoke at a UFO Conference in Blackpool, proclaiming a major UFO sighting in north west England. They even went on to augment it with a special full page report!

Special missions

Bill Holden's career entailed participation in special missions from time to time which required signing a 20-year non-disclosure agreement with stiff penalties should he break its conditions. One such assignment involved him going to Andrews AFB to collect and accompany a party of high ranking military officials in a series of visits to highly restricted locations. Their first port of call being Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, long associated with the dissemination of alien artifacts and technology.

From there they flew to Cheyenne Mountain, home to NORAD HQ with its vast underground network and waited aboard the aircraft while the top brass entourage were given a guided tour. Then it was off White Sands in New Mexico. Normally told to remain on the aircraft while the top brass went about their business, on this occasion he was asked to accompany the party on board a bus with blacked out windows which took them to the ‘blue hangar’, a highly restricted facility. Bill and colleagues were allowed to disembark with the officials and it was here that he witnessed two ‘grey’ aliens and one of their craft parked in a box canyon. They were about 5 feet in height, wearing one-piece coveralls and he remarked on the fact of how gracefully they moved.

On a later mission, Bill was asked to accompany yet another, different, high ranking group. The destinations, at first, mirrored those of the previous mission, but then the C118, in which they were being flown, headed to the west coast landing in Los Angeles. The following morning they embarked for Hickham AFB in Hawaii. A little after 0700 hrs the following day they were taken to a beach on the west coast of Hawaii for a breakfast when they witnessed a most incredible sight as a saucer craft suddenly emerged from the ocean and began to perform a whole series of incredible maneuvers in front of their group, then disappearing almost instantaneously. It soon returned as suddenly as it had departed entering the water without causing the slightest disturbance to it. This phenomenon, of course, is explained by the craft’s surrounding force field which effectively leaves it out of contact with the sea.

Although Bill believes the craft to be one of alien origin, he is now well aware that many sightings today are of our own back-engineered versions.


In the summer of 1971, Bill found himself stationed at Patrick AFB, Coco Beach in Florida. One Friday afternoon he went fishing beside the Indian River. Emphasising that he doesn’t indulge in any form of drugs or alcohol, he said that one moment he was leaning back against a palm tree and the next he found himself inside an alien craft lying on what appeared to be a pedestal table surrounded by three ETs.

The message they imparted telepathically to Bill was unmistakable. Tell them to stop destroying Mother Earth and get them to learn to love one another. Reach for a higher mental level in harmony with all around. He maintains that he has now received this direct and unequivocal message from the ETs twice. At no time during this experience did Holden feel intimidated or frightened, but felt privileged to be a part of such an important liaison.

He later realised that he had received an implant while on board the craft, but refuses to have it removed as he believes it is a crucial link between him and the ETs which he hopes will result in a further meeting one day.

Machu Picchu

While stationed at Howard AFB in Panama, Bill Holden was sent on a further trip to the Nazca Plain in Peru. A team of astronauts returning to Earth from a mission had noticed some hieroglyphs on the plains in Peru which the Air Force wished to have recorded on film. One of them depicted a monkey and a large humanoid-looking figure, clearly of extreme vintage. While there, a further part of their mission was to visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu at Cuzco where they saw the equally ancient cave drawings of helmeted figures and flying craft. To finish they visited a building in Lima which housed 20,000 to 25,000 year-old skeletons.

Bill related all of this ancient evidence of ante-diluvian civilisation and alien visitations to what is cryptically described in the Old Testament joining the dots together and linking homo sapien’s origins to those beings from other planet. These missions seemed to have a special purpose, initially to test the reactions of certain chosen personnel to the revelation of this information, perhaps as a means to preempt the response of society in general to greater universal disclosure of such knowledge of other extraterrestrial life forms and our origins.

Desert party

In 1977 Bill Holden had further personal experiences of extraterrestrial flying craft out in the Mojave desert, close to Edwards AFB, where, apart from flying craft engaging in incredibly amazing maneuvers, he witnessed what only could be described as a massive mother craft in the night sky, the size of a football field. The fields generated by the craft caused Bill's skin to acquire a shade akin to sunburn, but which, after a few days, gradually dissipated.

Bill is of no doubt that a secret pact had been signed, back in the early ’50s between the extraterrestrials and the US government. Other understandings he holds support the testimony of Col Philip J Corso of Air Materiel Command’s Foreign Technology Desk who was actively engaged in disseminating items of recovered alien technology from saucer crashes - apparently caused by our radar which played havoc with their guidance systems - and handed them out to industry to back-engineer, resulting in night vision, fibre optics, integrated circuits and a whole host of other technologies which are now either commonplace in our every day lives or hidden from the public in the form of esoteric anti-gravity propulsion systems being manufactured and tested today, in Bill's view, by such companies as Lockheed and probably many others.

Classified conference

In 1995 Bill Holden was invited to a highly restricted conference, organised, interestingly enough, by the Rockefeller Foundation, for which he had to change his identity and fly to northern California where he was taken to a location known as the Alisai Ranch. Here he, two KGB officers, a Lt Colonel and several others including the father of the man who had owned the ranch outside of Roswell (presumably Mac Brazel, where the famous July 1947 alien craft crash had taken place) examined some of the items recovered from the crash - ones that had been kept out of the reach of the Army Air Force recovery team. The almost identical similarity between the hieroglyphs on some of the I-beam struts with those of Phoenician Sanskrit were very telling, clearly indicating the seeding of mankind’s early written languages from those of the alien visitors to this planet and their involvement in our development.

Going public

Since retiring from the Air Force, Bill Holden went on to run his own real estate business, but once beyond his 20 year commitment to silence, he felt it high time to take his story on the road, giving talks and the interview with Project Camelot. He feels it is of the greatest importance to let the world know that we are not alone by any means and that we are the living evidence of genetic creation by an off-world intelligence, whose technologies far exceed our own. Since going public, only once has Bill been warned off speaking of such subjects. An encounter with the stereotypical ‘men-in-black’ took place in his home on one occasion, to which he stood his ground using his First Amendment rights as ammunition. No such warnings have come his way since.


Of Bill Holden’s whole story, the most fundamentally important message for us all is that which was telepathically imparted to him by the greys while aboard their craft in Florida. Their warning about the way we conduct our lives though wars, greed and despoilation of our planet is paramount and Bill is not, by any means, the only recipient of this message by our alien ‘watchers’, so many others have been similarly warned, even though that message would be more properly aimed at the so-called √©lite that run this planet and pose the greatest threat to mankind.

His awareness has come not only from other-worldly intelligences but, also, from our own race. It seems apparent that the missions he engaged in where also aimed at judging human reaction to being confronted with extraterrestrials, their technology and those ancient artifacts that bear witness of extraterrestrial association with this planet, and ourselves, for millennia. Bill admits that he feels no fear or any threat to his belief systems from what he has witnessed and learned, and one can infer a strengthening of his spirit and a much heightened awareness.

It is this through listening and understanding the profound depth of Bill Holden’s experiences that we must all aspire to open our minds to a much greater awareness than that of our everyday mortal toil, deliberately shielded as we are from higher belief, and liberate ourselves from this hell in which we are imprisoned by the propaganda of our worldly jailors and masters. We must use use the message of Bill Holden and others who have been chosen to be conduits of the truth, to increase our knowledge and awareness, break free and become our own free masters, for without that we will perish as our extraterrestrial ‘watchers’ fear.

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