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Bob Dean

Bob Dean - now a very young-looking 80 years of age, started his career as a professional soldier, fighting in Korea, then later in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. But it wasn’t until the summer of 1963 that he landed, what he describes as a ‘plumb job’ in Paris. As a Senior Master Serjeant in the war room of Supreme Headquarters Operations Center (SHOC), Bob was engaged in maintaining the Duty Roster, his position requiring him to have ‘Cosmic Top Secret’ clearance, the highest security clearance in the UN.

His appointment in this position came at an interesting time because it was concurrent with the launch of a study into UFOs following a sighting on the 2nd of February 1961 in which a vast flotilla of circular metallic craft were sighted, flying in intelligent formation, out of the Soviet and into the US sector, an occurrence that nearly caused the outbreak of World War III. As it transpired, after twenty minutes, the craft instantly disappeared from radar scopes and a stand down was ordered.

But the event, together with many other previous similar sightings, was enough to prompt the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Air Marshal Sir Thomas Pike to demand an investigation of what these objects were. So a study was initiated by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and in 1964, a year after Bob joined SHOC, a report was published entitled ‘An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe’.


Early one morning Bob Dean was experiencing one of many rather boring interludes in his daily routine, when a colonel came in the room, went to the secure vault at the back of office, in which was stored restricted documentation, and brought Bob a copy of the report. The moment Bob started to read it became the moment that he says his entire life changed, for within those pages was the most astounding information that he had ever come across in his entire life to date. The final summary of the report simply stated ‘Is there a threat to Allied Forces in Europe? Apparently not’.

The report had revealed that such visitations by extraterrestrial species, who were surveying our activities here on Earth, had been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The abilities of these craft to fly at incredible speeds, materialise and de-materialise at will, so surpassed any technology known to man that if their intents were malevolent, they could have easily wiped us out a long time ago. From that moment onwards, Bob’s accumulated idea of what made sense in life was completely overturned.

Our past revealed

His continued high profile Top Secret clearance stayed with him in the years following his time at SHOC, working first, for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and later the US government and through this time more and more staggering information came his way. Bob soon learned that we, as a race of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, were created about 200,000 years ago through genetic alteration by an extraterrestrial species; that we are not and never have been alone and that we have had an intimate relationship with advanced extraterrestrial species since the beginning of our history and, indeed, that process of human genetic evolvement and extraterrestrial relationship will continue into our future.

Bob’s understanding also matches precisely what so many other contactees, those in the military with high level clearance and those with a high psychic awareness who channel information from extraterrestrial sources say, that we are about to embark on another major transformation in our evolution with the next few years. And it’s not something to be afraid of, but it is something that will require a revolution in our outlook in order to make that transistion.

Evidence of other extraterrestrial civilisations

The final segment of Bob Dean’s presentation took us on a journey into our solar system to completely disperse any notion that we are alone and that our neighbouring planets are uninhabited barren wastelands. Withheld photographs from past NASA missions stood testament to the fact and Bob said that his blood boiled at the knowledge that the popularly nicknamed ‘Never A Straight Answer’ military agency had destroyed forty rolls of film taken during the Apollo Program - the flight to and around the moon and the lunar landings. Much of the evidence of what is popularly understood as man’s most seminal moment in space exploration had been summarily committed to the waste bin. Why?

Because those pictures held too much revealing evidence of others on the Moon and disclosure is strictly forbidden by our own mortal souls who deem it their business to run this planet.

Fortunately, there are those in NASA that see things differently and who, at the risk of losing their jobs, have seeded some of the still extant photographic material to those who they feel can handle the truth - and Bob is one of those.

Among the pictures, never publicly revealed before, Bob showed about half a dozen. The first clearly depicted a classic saucer-shaped UFO taken from Apollo 12 prior to landing. Obviously, it seemed, the programme was being carefully watched by others. The second, taken by Neil Armstrong shows another such craft flying close to their window, while another shows a craft in close proximity to the Lansberg Crater, a feature of particular interest to the astronauts because of anomalous activity there

On the way to the Moon the Apollo 13 mission snapped, what clearly looks like a ‘mother’ ship and two smaller vehicles undergoing manouvers but on blowing up the ‘mother’ ship portion of the picture and reversing it so it becomes a negative image, the structured shape of the ship can more easily seen. However, the staggering fact is that the size of this craft was reckoned to be five miles long!

But this pales into insignificance when compared with another photograph taken by the Voyager Programme to Saturn in 1980. It had been known for some time that there seemed to be anomalous activity going on in among the rings of Saturn and one of the goals of the Voyager mission was to examine this activity more closely. In this picture this self-luminous, artificially-constructed object which was moving in an intelligently-controlled way among the rings, completely staggered NASA scientists, for this device is estimated to be 2,000 miles long and 400 miles in diameter and it appears to be making the rings, or, in Bob’s estimation, mining them.

A final photograph taken of the surface of Mars shows what only can be some sort of facility - a possible space station.

All of this is clear evidence that those ET intelligences that surround us have technology that seems light years ahead of our own, even allowing for the black stuff that we are never privy to seeing. The Russian’s, too, have photographic evidence of habitation on Mars taken from their Phobos 2 craft, showing, what looks to be a large city estimated to be the size of Chicago

Bob finished by underlining the fact that the next few years would be a difficult and testing time for us as we overthrow the old tyranny and embark upon our ‘adulthood’ and become more consciously responsible, signing off the presentation, appropriately, with the Spanish words Vaya con Dios - Go with God.

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