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David Wilcock - Part 2

David Wilcock at the Los Angeles September 2009 Project Camelot Awake and Awareness Conference

To come right up to date with David Wilcock’s view of the events leading up to 2012, this synopsis is taken from the second half of his presentation at last September’s 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference hosted by Project Camelot. What follows is a summary on each of the several ‘modular’ topics that David uses as evidence to give creedence to this imminent energy change and how it will effect us all. Although the energy wave that David alludes to as the prime force behind the elevation in consciousness we are due to experience concurs with the energy or superwave, that Dr Paul LaVoilette described in my earlier piece, David Wilcock’s understanding of its manifestation upon humanity adds another dimension to this scenario.


About a year or so ago, I personally, came across a research programme described by the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, Valery Uvarov, in which he told of a number of large pyramids that were to be contructed in Russia to discern their energy amplification properties and which would give further insight into the purpose of the ancient pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere in the world. In his talk, David came forward with the fruits of that research which is quite astounding. See

These were built on the scale of the Egyptian pyramids, only they were made of PVC with fibre-glass facing. One was sited over an oil well and it was found that oil extraction rates dramatically increased - by 25% - and the oil extracted was 25% purer.

The pyramids also induced healing, made poisonous chemicals no longer poisonous to the human body and even the curing of diseases such as cancer were noted when people were placed inside them. An increase of up to 400% in the size and quality of fruit grown inside the pyramids was also noted. When a small battery was placed at the apex of a pyramid it was shown that a sizeable electrical current could be generated. A reduction in the size of earthquakes was observed in the area of a pyramid and a large area of energy, hundreds of miles wide was also evident around each one.

The Russians termed this energy ‘torsion fields of the time field’ and these fields were of such power that storm fronts would pass around them, diverting bad weather. Granite which was placed within the pyramids for a period of time, then later used in the building of prison cells showed that the inmates exhibited a profound improvement in their attitude and behaviour and substantially recovered from drug and alcohol abuse. It was noted that the granite crystals had actually changed their structure from the energy effects of the pyramids and so became able to provide a harmonically resonating environment.

This proves that there is a direct connection between the consciousness of humanity and that of Earth, a connection between consciousness and earthquakes and therefore providing evidence that there is a strong liklihood that human consciousness affects that of the Earth. With this evidence gleaned from the pyramid experiments, it is clear that the ancient Egyptians and those who preceded them knew of this highly beneficial technology, particularly when placed in alignment of the Earth’s energy grid - see for more information - technology which in turn they had received from the colonising ET races here on Earth. (Once again I refer you to Paul von Ward’s book ‘Gods, Genes and Consciousness’ which goes into this transfer of knowledge in detail).

Conventional physics explains these forces simply in terms of electromagnetic energy, but in reality there is a whole other field which holds everything together - the consciousness energy field, because consciousness in the basic creator of matter.

As a personal aside, could this same field be that of scalar energy which is so eloquently described by Irish physicist Michael Mallon? - see a forthcoming post and his excellent video on

Crop Circles

Crop circles are not a new phenomenon, nor are the vast majority of them created by hoaxters tramping through fields of crops with boards strapped to their feet, although that’s what the mainstream diversionists would like you to believe! David Wilcock told his audience that the Archbishop of Lyons, as far back as 815AD, was aware of them. In the 17th century, Dr Robert Plot even drew pictures of the crop circle phenomenon. In reality they comprise of coded patterns which are produced, by and large, by extraterrestrials who appear to be giving us pieces of a puzzle which we need to take the time to figure out. Witnesses that have seen circles form have been amazed that just in the period of a few seconds the most intricate patterns are formed, patterns which, if attempted mechanically by a few terrestrial beings with boards, would take two or more days to produce.

Many recent patterns have clearly shown DNA structures. In August 1991 one appeared showing chromosomes breaking, a sign of the imminent division of a cell. In 1996 a series of patterns showed a DNA helix. Shortly afterwards another pattern showed DNA with more strands, one suggestion being that our DNA may be about to change. Yet another showed DNA spirals emanating from what appears to be a central focal point which could suggest energy being emitted from the centre of our galaxy which may, again, affect our DNA. Last year a pattern appeared depicting the projected disposition of the planets in our solar system on December 21st, 2012. A few days later another similar pattern occured but with the sun appearing much larger than in the earlier pattern, suggesting, many believe, to denote an energy change at that time. But alongside this pattern were glyphs representing each of the various planetary civilisations known to exist.

A lot of this may sound like the product of an over-fertile imagination in a little un-judicial phantasising, but taken with all of the other confirmed evidence of an approaching energy wave and the undoubted representations of DNA helixes and the obviously supernatural way that crop circles are formed, one can add this as tangible ancilliary evidence that there is to be some imminent change here on Earth that others are attempting to communicate to us.

Interplanetary Climate Change

Forgetting the misinformation about anthropogenic global warming, solar activity at present is higher than at any other point in the last 8,000 years and the solar storms comprising of showers of protons are now reaching Earth in little more than 15 minutes, as opposed to the two hours or so they once took. This implies heightened energy fields which allow a faster passage for these protons. Even NASA are predicting, what they term, a ‘Space Katrina’ by 2012. This higher energetic charge also seems to be causing the contraction of the magnetic ‘bubble’ around the sun. David cited testimony given by Jake Simpson to Project Camelot which has confirmed that superluminal craft which have been sent to look for, what Paul LaVoilette terms the ‘superwave’, is indeed headed towards our solar system. David does point out though that this will not herald a catastrophe on Earth, but a higher energy which will enable humanity - or those that can handle it - to rise to a higher level of consciousness.

All of our sister planets in the solar system are also undergoing change as a result of this rising energetic field.
- In 2008, Mercury’s magnetosphere and magnetic field appeared to be much more powerful than previously, while this year it had become even more energetic with magnetic twisters dancing across its surface
- Venus has experienced a 2,500% increase in its green glow since 1978
- Mars now has clouds with ozone that wasn’t there before, global warming has also been reported on the planet as indeed it has on all other planets within our solar system;
- Jupiter has gained a plasma torus that was not visible prior to 1974 which is increasing in size at an astonishing rate
- Jupiter’s satellite, Io has witnessed its ionosphere become 1000% higher over the last 23 years while Europa has increased dramatically in brilliance and this also goes for Ganymede which has also seen an increase of 1000% of the density of its atmosphere;
- Saturn’s plasma torus is 1000% denser over the period 1981-1993, aurorae have been witnessed at the poles of Saturn which weren’t seen before and mass emissions of X-rays were detected near its equator
- Uranus has witnessed huge storms which are rapidly gaining in intensity and the same thing is happening on Neptune
- Pluto has seen dramatic global warming and a 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even though it is moving further away from the sun.

Geophysical effects on Earth

On Earth there has been a continuous rise in earthquakes, volcanic activity, with sea levels rising and tornados increasing in frequency and in tandem with this acceleration of perturbances, economic and geo-political changes are also becoming frenetic. The entire Pacific Ocean basin is heating up, not from outside the Earth, but from within as is the case on all other planets and this is all because of the galactic energy changes which are energising them.

Part 3 to follow - watch this space!

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