Monday, October 5, 2009

Jim Sparks

Jim Sparks is a multiple abductee and these abductions have become a regular experience for him over the last 19 years. In the early years Jim says that the abductions were ambiguous and that he found it difficult to really understand the modus operandi behind them, although he can recall virtually all of the events that took place during each abduction.

His early encounters with, what he says have always been Greys, were more like being inducted into a boot camp, for their message seemed to Jim to be more like an indoctrination than education. That message though was quite clear, to make Jim realise the acute environmental, and presumably, political situation - for one subtends from the other - that we currently find ourselves in on this planet. However, Jim has no doubt that the Greys are undergoing these abduction scenarios to teach people vitally important lessons about our destiny; their real mission is to ‘educate’.

Jim remarks on the highly advanced nature of the greys, their vastly accelerated mental abilities and their knowledge, although devoid of the social manners in the human sense. In his early encounters with the Greys, when Jim was rather unwilling to participate, his cries and screams went unheeded and initially this made him rather antagonistic towards them.

As an aside here, something I always find frustrating with watching these interviews is one’s own personal inability to be able to ask questions. The point I would pose if able to do so, is my understanding that the greys are, in fact, clones - possibly only partly biological and largely synthetic - and in these abduction scenarios I would posit that they are probably acting in the role of messengers for their ‘parent’ species, who may be the blonde Nordics or some other more human-like entity.

As with so many other accounts from scholars, abductees and ancient recorded history including the Old Testament, Jim’s Greys explained that we, as a species, had been genetically modified in the distant past and he was shown holographic images of our predecessors prior to that cloning, in which our predecessors had a more ape-like appearance. In another personal aside I make reference to Paul von Ward’s book ‘God, Genes and Consciousness’ where these pre-humans would presumably be officially classified as Miocene apes, and the successive genetic modification by ETs would likely provide the so-called ‘missing link’.

Jim’s initial reaction to this genetic interference violated his religious views at the time, but with subsequent understanding now feels that the Greys do have some inherent right to convene in our development since we were genetically re-engineered by them. Jim also didn’t like their reply to his question of who they were, the answer being given that they were ‘The Star People’. With such a reply he felt they were trivialising his intelligence, but on later understanding that their advanced development gave them the ability to roam time and space, having no particular home, he now finds the title apt and very appropriate.

But Jim’s newly-formed title for the Greys is ‘The Keepers’ following an encounter in Italy while driving along a coastal road. Suddenly Jim spied, what looked at first sight, like a sailboat going across the road. On realising that there was no water anywhere in that direction he realised that he was witnessing a craft as if travelling through solid matter. He then received a telepaphic signal from the craft saying that they were The Keepers and that ‘they were taking their people to a better place’. What this communication transpired to be was an identification signal to other galactic beings of their current flight mission. This, Jim understands, is part of an inter-galactic agreement of co-operation - a kind of inter-galactic space traffic control. Clearly, Jim’s long association with the Greys had almost hard-wired him into their telepathic communication system. The title The Keepers provided, for Jim, the true identification of their role in the universe, and therefore the term became the title of Jim’s subsequent book on his whole experience with them.

Jim’s view on our future, having gained this knowledge from the Greys, is that we will evolve as a species, but only a handful may survive to carry forward that evolution. That is, unless we can all collectively achieve the necessary higher consciousness and awareness, get ourselves out of this pit into which we have been pitched and be of the right frame of mind in time to allow a greater number to pass forward, thus surviving a likely environmental calamity that may well be coming our way as a result of our current, highly inappropriate husbandry of this planet.

Jim’s role has been made clear by the Greys or The Keepers. Having attained this knowledge, along with so many others including those I am describing in this very short list of ‘experiencers’, it is vital that this message be passed on so as to raise our ambient consciousness in order to bridge the changes that are coming. Indeed that is what Project Camelot’s mandate is.

In finalising, Jim stresses that we need an amnesty here on Earth. The advanced technologies that have been sequestered by the black ops elements within - particularly - the US parallel government, must be released for the good of humanity and for peaceful means. With such technology, we can overcome environmental problems, provide for everyone and reclaim our sovereignty as a race, free of our oppressors. Right now that isn’t happening as long as a relatively small group of people continue to dominate this planet and increase their power and wealth by keeping these technologies to themselves while, at the same time, keeping us tied into, essentially obsolete ones - fossil fuels, internal combustion engines etc etc. Their yoke of enslavement must cease, but we have to enact that change by rising above their game.

The more insiders that see the game for what it really is and can come out and stand in its way the better and Jim Sparks is yet one more of those people, his parting words being, “Look within yourself and really, really see where we're at. Vision in your mind, vision in your heart, vision in your soul the glow. Vision all of us on it, see us as a species evolved and then think in your mind from where you're at now, to where you see us evolve with all the wonderful things that I've just said. What steps should be taken to get us there, or to get me there, and how can I participate in bringing us there as a species”.

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