Friday, February 11, 2011

Media Mayhem

Neil Foster writes a very cogent piece in today’s 'Sovereign Independent' - see - about that great mind-manipulator that sits in the corner of virtually every living room - the TV.

Associated with words like ‘programme’ and ‘channel’, these in themselves betray the real purpose behind television - a drip, drip form of mind-conditioning that fashions most people’s lives and their perceptions in the way that the cabal want us to perceive things - that is really to not think at all but just sponge up the pap poured out. And viewer polls only work as a means of checking the pulse rate of the viewing public from time to time, just to make sure that they are taking their medicine and that it is having the appropriate effect.

Just out of interest I took in five minutes of ‘Holby City’ the other night and was amazed that, just in the relatively short time since I used to occasionally watch it, how utterly ridiculous it had become - a complete pot pourri of reflected human dysfunction served up on a platter. To me it beggars belief how people can take such programmes seriously, but it is probably several shades more sane than some of the stuff which must lurk among the scheduled ‘programming’ on TV ‘channels’!

It is my, and a growing number of other people's viewpoint, that TV is something to be avoided and not owning a TV is something I can happily live with, only watching online Scottish folk music shows and the odd documentary on BBC Alba - the Gaelic-speaking channel - that helps me to get a little broader picture of the future area in which I intend to live.

But even then, so many documentaries are dumbed-down and sensationalised with wholly predictable and irritating presenters that all seem to be hyper-active and a film and editing crew that can’t keep the camera still for even a few seconds. It’s not about informing so much as mesmerising the audience and if the odd nugget of information comes across, I tend to take it with a pinch of salt and try other sources to check its veracity.

On the opposite side of the coin, David Noble, also in today’s Sovereign Independent - see - disowns the allegations made against programmes such as The Alex Jones Show and others like it that seemingly over-dramatise world events and create an atmosphere of fear-mongering. He correctly points out that those fearful facts that Jones disseminates are crucially real - it isn’t fear-mongering for fear-mongering’s sake, but an attempt to hammer home the realities of the world today and wake up the minds of those that live in denial.

While the mainstream media lulls the masses into a semi-sonambulent acquiescent quivering resignation to fiscal uncertainty, murders, legal compliance and endless images of police on the evening news bulletins, the alternative media seems to induce a sense of apoplexy, rage and abhorence derived from the no-holes-barred truth of the world as it really is.

I remember Barbara Marciniak, the internationally acclaimed trance channeller, at a Shrewsbury workshop a year-and-a-half ago, stress that it is important to distance oneself from the news and completely go without television. Hers and David Noble's seem to be opposing viewpoints yet Barbara Marciniak is very aware of world events.

To become wholly attuned to Alex Jones can be damaging for one’s self-preservation, particularly if you are a sensitive soul - whereas complete indifference or denial to what is going on in the world is very foolish and leaves one subconsciously accumulating deep anxiety in the latent knowledge that you are not really facing the truth but summarily brushing it aside.

One must come to terms with reality and be aware of the inner workings of what is going on in the world today and not just accept the half-truths and sheer mis- and dis-information from the mainstream - and sometimes - alternative news sources, for it is one’s personal research and accumulation of real understanding that empowers one’s mind by revealing the whole story, which in turn increases one’s spiritual strength and ability to face and cope with the traumas of today’s world, while extending one’s inner being into much higher realms that transcend the negativity of the surrounding reality.

It is a difficult balance to achieve, but one that should be sought in order to keep oneself truly balanced, for without that balance our futures will only become derailed.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Contamination of our Food

The evidence mounts to suggest that the chemtrail programme is in part, if not whole, about the denudation of our traditional agriculture and the killing off of natural plant species. Monsanto have just developed an aluminium-resistant seed. It seems no coincidence that that is precisely the same compound that is currently plaguing the planet and it is one of the compounds - along with Barium and Strontium - that emanate from the plethora of chemtrails that are spewed out from both military and civil aircraft every day in the upper atmosphere.

One can only surmise that this is yet another onslaught of our ability to be self-sufficient and nurture good, organic crops, in order to eat healthily while we are coerced into accepting the products of mega corps like Monsanto and their Frankenstein GM concoctions which will only result in massive global ill-health and death rates - just what the cabal want.

Why are our politicians seemingly impervious of our cries to them to explain what this highly visible daily despoilation of our skies is all about? As far as they are concerned this must be a no-go area, for somewhere in the chain of command must be a directive not to talk about it. What a spineless bunch they are!

In tandem with this comes the news that the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith, has declared that Ireland has now altered its voting position to supporting proposals from the EU in authorising the placing on the market of foods that have been derived from GM crop sources.

Again, our politicians sell us down the road for their short-term gain. Will they also eventually suffer gross illnesses from having to eat these same foods or will they be treated to the genuine article from the seed vaults in Svalbard?

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Great Banking Scam

Brian Gerrish, retired Lieutenant Commander RN and editor of the UK Column newspaper draws a very concise and clear picture of the deliberately rigged exoneration of the big banks’ past behaviour that has resulted in the perceived financial bankruptcy of this and so many other leading nations around the world, but specifically in relation to the starvation of funding for our armed services.

His article ‘Supranational Banking Scam to Disarm Britain’ lies bare the truth behind the current funding scarcity and devolving of our armed services, but that truth also applies to all areas of public funding with the common end goal of the global corporate dominance of the major banks, and the cabal that own them, and their totalitarian control of all aspects of our lives.

Recent journeys around my home on the Isle of Wight have served as a microcosm of emerging public disenchantment across the country to the proposed closure of many of its council-funded services, libraries, social centres etc etc. In Scotland, just one particular example has caused personal anguish this last few days and that is the proposed withdrawal by the Highland Council of its entire funding to the Plockton School of Musical Excellence, a most successful enterprise that has been instrumental in nurturing musical talent that has contributed greatly to the Scottish economy over recent years.

But our rhetoric against such draconian cuts is always aimed at the first culprit in sight - the local council or, maybe, the government, because we can connect the dots linking the government’s financial plight to local authority cutbacks. But we should be focusing our attention much higher up the ladder, because it is from there that we come face to face with the real culprits.

As Brian points out, when a company goes bust, it enters receivership. The receivers then attempt to rescue what they can of that company in the hope of being able to salvage it as a going concern, remove the directors from their posts or ensure that they follow the instructions of the receivers and then reimburse, if possible, the creditors on a priority basis.

Not so with the major banks. They, through their injudicious lending policies and various ponzi schemes, have bankrupted themselves, but have not been held to account in the way that any other bankrupt business would be. They have been allowed to continue trading, replenishing their losses from the public purse. It is you and I that are bailing them out and if you want to point the finger of blame in the correct direction, it is the international banks and their ultimate owners, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the like that are giving you all the grief. It is this ‘hidden’ √©lite that are manipulating our governments and having them dance to their tune, while, by stealth, they accumulate the world’s riches and much of the world’s infrastructure through subsidiary corporate enterprises, and it is this that is enabling them to act out their fantasies of ultimate control and the unbridled ability do with us as they wish with the aid of government acquiesence. And it’s most certainly not in our interests!

As Amschel Meyer Rothschild once said “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. How we should have taken heed of that most prophetic of statements for now we see that very modus operandi being used on a global scale.

Through insidious banking techniques like marginal reserve lending and the prolific issuance, willy nilly, of fiat currency, these tools have helped expedite this dominance while engaging world governments in the scheme of perpetually-manufactured debt while adding insult to injury with the implementation of phoney taxes in the name of CO2 emissions etc etc. The truth is that Britain as a nation isn’t bankrupt, but it is the manufactured bankuptcy of the banks with their £6 trillion black hole that has been placed around the neck of this country that is giving this misleading impression.

This perceived debt could have been largely written off if our politicians let the banks go through the process that any other company would have to go through if they found themselves insolvent. But since our ‘elected’ politicians are little more than a bunch of monkeys carrying out orders from the hidden ‘organ-grinders’ - the Rothschilds etc., we get to bear the burden of complete and total beholdeness to these monsters.

As Brian Gerrish points out, the cash cuts to our armed forces because of this national ‘deficit’ is also serving to give over our sovereignty (what little is left of it) to a new centralised EU armed force and to the UN. Britain is just one small fiscal unit in a much larger collective and that’s going to apply to everything and is all part of the grand plan.

Until those who unwittingly occupy this insidious line of command - subtending from the hallowed halls of the Rothschildian and globalist 'élite' cabal with their pyramidal network of secretive think tanks and executive organisations right down to our bought-and-paid-for politicians and finally the finance committees in county halls across the nation - get to grips with what is really going on and have the spunk to start asking questions, refuse to comply in the furtherance of this disgraceful agenda and help us to restore independent sovereignty to ourselves and the nation, we will have only a grim future of penurious subservience to look forward to.

For Brian’s article see

Friday, February 4, 2011

Domestic Violence Rulings Extended

The latest revelation into the increasing prying of the state into our personal affairs has come with a landmark court ruling last Thursday which has now regarded the meaning of the word ‘violence’ to include much more than just domestic physical abuse.

A Supreme Court judgment has now opened the way to have such incidents as raising your voice or denying money to a partner to also come under the general heading of domestic violence.

According to an article in today’s Sovereign Independent: “The case arose when a woman applied to a local council for housing separate from that of her husband. She did so based solely on her claim that he was violent toward her. But when the council learned that he had never been physically violent, it turned her down and she appealed.” The acceptance by the court of her appeal now sets a precedent - not only is physical abuse unlawful, but almost any domestic contretemps could fall under the same category.

As Robert Franklin in The Sovereign Independent points out, “The Supreme Court’s ruling means that British taxpayers will get to provide housing for the woman, not because she’s in any physical danger; no one, not even she, claims that. No, the reason she gets a new place to live is that she says her husband shouted at her, a claim he denies. She also said he didn’t give her money for household expenses.” He goes on: “That a court should base its opinion on a definition as loose as that beggars reason. A child could imagine a hundred instances to which the words “extreme fervor, passion or fury” would apply that couldn’t conceivably be called domestic violence (or could they?). Sexual passion, excitement about a football game, anger at the government apparently could all qualify.”

This unprecedented assault on our personal lives, enacted on the back of an appeal by a woman over a non-physically violent domestic disagreement, should have been thrown out of court and dismissed, yet the judiciary has decided to make a landmark case out of it which now ‘legally’ allows potential state involvement in the micro-management of domestic lives, and also could invite an unscrupulous partner, just out ‘for the money’ to use this, almost, catch-all legislation to his or her advantage with the backing of the state.

This is appalling and to me seems to have been deliberately enacted as a means admitting more state control into our lives. How does one prove that voices were raised when no physical evidence can exist in a court of law to prove the fact unlike the visual evidence of a physical attack. Does this now open the way for each household to be bugged in order to substantiate such evidence?

This appears to me to be one more ploy in breaking up the family unit through state dictat - a practice long on the cabal’s agenda designed to deliberately create social dysfunction - when such domestic skirmishes should stay behind household doors and be addressed by the individuals’ concerned in a common law and common sense manner.

Is this another result of the enacting of the Common Purpose agenda which is just a ground-level instrument used by the cabal to bring in total state control of our lives?

To read the full article see

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get the Facts

Big Pharma has come under fire again as the industry’s own proponents, the International Medical Council on Vaccination has published a report, signed by over 80 family doctors, brain surgeons and professors of pathology, chemistry and immunity, stating that vaccines pose a significant health risk for children and pointing out that there is no real science backing the over-used statements that vaccines are beneficial.

It’s a pity they hadn’t extended their findings to include people of all ages, but it is certainly true that infants are at much greater risk of contracting a life-long disability through their administration than older age groups.

Mike Adams of Natural News has been given a link to the report and it is downloadable from

This is a must-read for every parent and hopefully will be instrumental in helping them gain a balanced and informed view so that they can decide for their child in a responsible manner and not just take the word of their GP for granted.

Finally, after years of vilification by the ‘health’ mafia, Dr Andrew Wakefield has been exonerated, having his name cleared of fraud through revealing new evidence. The story started back in 1996 when Brian Deer and Dr Godlee of the British Medical Journal published, what have become to have been, fraudulent claims that Dr Wakefield had entirely fabricated evidence that there was a scientific link between the MMR vaccine and subsequent cases of autism in children who had received the vaccination. What had been conveniently overlooked by the BMJ was the fact that fourteen months prior to Dr Wakefield’s claim, two other researchers, Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Amar Dhillon had also identified the very same link.

It is now incumbent upon the BMJ to publish a formal retraction of their allegations, unless, of course, they issue similar blame of fraud upon the other two researchers as well! Right-minded people have always been aware of Dr Wakefield’s innocence and his rightful stance in highlighting the fact that the MMR vaccine is potentially dangerous, it is only the Big Pharma-controlled medical profession and the BMJ in particular in this case that will have staff writers like Brian Deer fabricate such unscientific claims in order to appease the manipulating drug company barons. Along with so many other warped claims that are issued from the upper echelons of the medical profession, this latest 'proof of the pudding' puts them in the same light as the bankers, global-warming lobbyists etc etc. all of whom are being similarly manipulated by the cabal.

PS Many thanks to Mark who suggested I view the following documentary on the subject which adds a lot of detail to the above. I urge you watch it on