Friday, February 11, 2011

Media Mayhem

Neil Foster writes a very cogent piece in today’s 'Sovereign Independent' - see - about that great mind-manipulator that sits in the corner of virtually every living room - the TV.

Associated with words like ‘programme’ and ‘channel’, these in themselves betray the real purpose behind television - a drip, drip form of mind-conditioning that fashions most people’s lives and their perceptions in the way that the cabal want us to perceive things - that is really to not think at all but just sponge up the pap poured out. And viewer polls only work as a means of checking the pulse rate of the viewing public from time to time, just to make sure that they are taking their medicine and that it is having the appropriate effect.

Just out of interest I took in five minutes of ‘Holby City’ the other night and was amazed that, just in the relatively short time since I used to occasionally watch it, how utterly ridiculous it had become - a complete pot pourri of reflected human dysfunction served up on a platter. To me it beggars belief how people can take such programmes seriously, but it is probably several shades more sane than some of the stuff which must lurk among the scheduled ‘programming’ on TV ‘channels’!

It is my, and a growing number of other people's viewpoint, that TV is something to be avoided and not owning a TV is something I can happily live with, only watching online Scottish folk music shows and the odd documentary on BBC Alba - the Gaelic-speaking channel - that helps me to get a little broader picture of the future area in which I intend to live.

But even then, so many documentaries are dumbed-down and sensationalised with wholly predictable and irritating presenters that all seem to be hyper-active and a film and editing crew that can’t keep the camera still for even a few seconds. It’s not about informing so much as mesmerising the audience and if the odd nugget of information comes across, I tend to take it with a pinch of salt and try other sources to check its veracity.

On the opposite side of the coin, David Noble, also in today’s Sovereign Independent - see - disowns the allegations made against programmes such as The Alex Jones Show and others like it that seemingly over-dramatise world events and create an atmosphere of fear-mongering. He correctly points out that those fearful facts that Jones disseminates are crucially real - it isn’t fear-mongering for fear-mongering’s sake, but an attempt to hammer home the realities of the world today and wake up the minds of those that live in denial.

While the mainstream media lulls the masses into a semi-sonambulent acquiescent quivering resignation to fiscal uncertainty, murders, legal compliance and endless images of police on the evening news bulletins, the alternative media seems to induce a sense of apoplexy, rage and abhorence derived from the no-holes-barred truth of the world as it really is.

I remember Barbara Marciniak, the internationally acclaimed trance channeller, at a Shrewsbury workshop a year-and-a-half ago, stress that it is important to distance oneself from the news and completely go without television. Hers and David Noble's seem to be opposing viewpoints yet Barbara Marciniak is very aware of world events.

To become wholly attuned to Alex Jones can be damaging for one’s self-preservation, particularly if you are a sensitive soul - whereas complete indifference or denial to what is going on in the world is very foolish and leaves one subconsciously accumulating deep anxiety in the latent knowledge that you are not really facing the truth but summarily brushing it aside.

One must come to terms with reality and be aware of the inner workings of what is going on in the world today and not just accept the half-truths and sheer mis- and dis-information from the mainstream - and sometimes - alternative news sources, for it is one’s personal research and accumulation of real understanding that empowers one’s mind by revealing the whole story, which in turn increases one’s spiritual strength and ability to face and cope with the traumas of today’s world, while extending one’s inner being into much higher realms that transcend the negativity of the surrounding reality.

It is a difficult balance to achieve, but one that should be sought in order to keep oneself truly balanced, for without that balance our futures will only become derailed.

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