Monday, February 7, 2011

The Great Banking Scam

Brian Gerrish, retired Lieutenant Commander RN and editor of the UK Column newspaper draws a very concise and clear picture of the deliberately rigged exoneration of the big banks’ past behaviour that has resulted in the perceived financial bankruptcy of this and so many other leading nations around the world, but specifically in relation to the starvation of funding for our armed services.

His article ‘Supranational Banking Scam to Disarm Britain’ lies bare the truth behind the current funding scarcity and devolving of our armed services, but that truth also applies to all areas of public funding with the common end goal of the global corporate dominance of the major banks, and the cabal that own them, and their totalitarian control of all aspects of our lives.

Recent journeys around my home on the Isle of Wight have served as a microcosm of emerging public disenchantment across the country to the proposed closure of many of its council-funded services, libraries, social centres etc etc. In Scotland, just one particular example has caused personal anguish this last few days and that is the proposed withdrawal by the Highland Council of its entire funding to the Plockton School of Musical Excellence, a most successful enterprise that has been instrumental in nurturing musical talent that has contributed greatly to the Scottish economy over recent years.

But our rhetoric against such draconian cuts is always aimed at the first culprit in sight - the local council or, maybe, the government, because we can connect the dots linking the government’s financial plight to local authority cutbacks. But we should be focusing our attention much higher up the ladder, because it is from there that we come face to face with the real culprits.

As Brian points out, when a company goes bust, it enters receivership. The receivers then attempt to rescue what they can of that company in the hope of being able to salvage it as a going concern, remove the directors from their posts or ensure that they follow the instructions of the receivers and then reimburse, if possible, the creditors on a priority basis.

Not so with the major banks. They, through their injudicious lending policies and various ponzi schemes, have bankrupted themselves, but have not been held to account in the way that any other bankrupt business would be. They have been allowed to continue trading, replenishing their losses from the public purse. It is you and I that are bailing them out and if you want to point the finger of blame in the correct direction, it is the international banks and their ultimate owners, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the like that are giving you all the grief. It is this ‘hidden’ élite that are manipulating our governments and having them dance to their tune, while, by stealth, they accumulate the world’s riches and much of the world’s infrastructure through subsidiary corporate enterprises, and it is this that is enabling them to act out their fantasies of ultimate control and the unbridled ability do with us as they wish with the aid of government acquiesence. And it’s most certainly not in our interests!

As Amschel Meyer Rothschild once said “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”. How we should have taken heed of that most prophetic of statements for now we see that very modus operandi being used on a global scale.

Through insidious banking techniques like marginal reserve lending and the prolific issuance, willy nilly, of fiat currency, these tools have helped expedite this dominance while engaging world governments in the scheme of perpetually-manufactured debt while adding insult to injury with the implementation of phoney taxes in the name of CO2 emissions etc etc. The truth is that Britain as a nation isn’t bankrupt, but it is the manufactured bankuptcy of the banks with their £6 trillion black hole that has been placed around the neck of this country that is giving this misleading impression.

This perceived debt could have been largely written off if our politicians let the banks go through the process that any other company would have to go through if they found themselves insolvent. But since our ‘elected’ politicians are little more than a bunch of monkeys carrying out orders from the hidden ‘organ-grinders’ - the Rothschilds etc., we get to bear the burden of complete and total beholdeness to these monsters.

As Brian Gerrish points out, the cash cuts to our armed forces because of this national ‘deficit’ is also serving to give over our sovereignty (what little is left of it) to a new centralised EU armed force and to the UN. Britain is just one small fiscal unit in a much larger collective and that’s going to apply to everything and is all part of the grand plan.

Until those who unwittingly occupy this insidious line of command - subtending from the hallowed halls of the Rothschildian and globalist 'élite' cabal with their pyramidal network of secretive think tanks and executive organisations right down to our bought-and-paid-for politicians and finally the finance committees in county halls across the nation - get to grips with what is really going on and have the spunk to start asking questions, refuse to comply in the furtherance of this disgraceful agenda and help us to restore independent sovereignty to ourselves and the nation, we will have only a grim future of penurious subservience to look forward to.

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