Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get the Facts

Big Pharma has come under fire again as the industry’s own proponents, the International Medical Council on Vaccination has published a report, signed by over 80 family doctors, brain surgeons and professors of pathology, chemistry and immunity, stating that vaccines pose a significant health risk for children and pointing out that there is no real science backing the over-used statements that vaccines are beneficial.

It’s a pity they hadn’t extended their findings to include people of all ages, but it is certainly true that infants are at much greater risk of contracting a life-long disability through their administration than older age groups.

Mike Adams of Natural News has been given a link to the report and it is downloadable from http://naturalnews.com/Vaccines_Get_the_Full_Story.html

This is a must-read for every parent and hopefully will be instrumental in helping them gain a balanced and informed view so that they can decide for their child in a responsible manner and not just take the word of their GP for granted.

Finally, after years of vilification by the ‘health’ mafia, Dr Andrew Wakefield has been exonerated, having his name cleared of fraud through revealing new evidence. The story started back in 1996 when Brian Deer and Dr Godlee of the British Medical Journal published, what have become to have been, fraudulent claims that Dr Wakefield had entirely fabricated evidence that there was a scientific link between the MMR vaccine and subsequent cases of autism in children who had received the vaccination. What had been conveniently overlooked by the BMJ was the fact that fourteen months prior to Dr Wakefield’s claim, two other researchers, Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Amar Dhillon had also identified the very same link.

It is now incumbent upon the BMJ to publish a formal retraction of their allegations, unless, of course, they issue similar blame of fraud upon the other two researchers as well! Right-minded people have always been aware of Dr Wakefield’s innocence and his rightful stance in highlighting the fact that the MMR vaccine is potentially dangerous, it is only the Big Pharma-controlled medical profession and the BMJ in particular in this case that will have staff writers like Brian Deer fabricate such unscientific claims in order to appease the manipulating drug company barons. Along with so many other warped claims that are issued from the upper echelons of the medical profession, this latest 'proof of the pudding' puts them in the same light as the bankers, global-warming lobbyists etc etc. all of whom are being similarly manipulated by the cabal.

PS Many thanks to Mark who suggested I view the following documentary on the subject which adds a lot of detail to the above. I urge you watch it on http://www.viddler.com/explore/ziggy/videos/1/

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  1. you may not be aware of this 1 hour film about Brian Deer the complainant in the case, who also is the one reporting on it .