Monday, January 31, 2011

It's up to us!

We are under attack from every side.

The ‘government’ beats it into our heads that this year will be a year of hardship across the board as public services are cut back, wage packets are frozen (except for those who are employed by the ruling élite, or cabal as I refer to them - the legal hierarchy, the bankers and large corporation executives that are taking over this world) and an increasing number of swingeing tax bills will fall on our doorsteps, most derived for totally bogus causes like energy shortages and global carbon taxes.

We have plentiful supplies of energy before we even consider infinite sources like zero point etc. which are deliberately denied us. And our carbon emissions nowhere match those of nature, none of which pose a threat to the planet - it’s all a ploy to impoverish, demoralise and turn us into slaves for the cabal.

But that’s only for those who will survive the eugenics holocaust that is now being waged against us in the form of chemtrails, fluoridation of water supplies, harmful vaccines, genetically-modified food, erroneous advice on health, electromagnetic pollution, brainwashing and dumbing down via the mainstream media, I could go on and on.

Government cutbacks, new taxes, increased surveillance and loss of liberties will all result in masses taking to the streets, for which the cabal, through its para-military-style policing operations, will be waiting and infiltrating our ranks with their usual tactics of agent-prococateuring doing everything in their power to marginalise our very genuine grievances, outlaw our democratic right, imprison thousands and use the conflict as a perfect excuse to place us all under martial law. And you can be sure that the cabal-owned mainstream media won’t report favourably on us but will naturally side with the establishment.

It is we who are the perceived enemy. The cabal (those self-elected global ruling families who regard themselves as our rightful handlers) seem to regard us as ‘useless eaters’, a term oft cited in their manifestos, that we an unhealthy plight upon planet Earth and must be largely eliminated leaving a chosen few ‘inner party members’ who may be regarded as their useful servants.

Yet it is this same controlling cabal that don’t give a shit about this planet. It is they that routinely pollute our atmosphere and land with toxins, it is they that attempt to wage nuclear war, destroy our ecology through GMO and it is they who so openly ignore the carbon emission dogma when it comes to their own lifestyles.

Such hypocracy!

We are fast approaching a nexus point in which the dark energies of this cabal and their followers come up against the forces of peace-loving and honest homo-sapiens who are only attempting to exercise their God-given right to live a fulfilling and rewarding life on this wonderful planet of ours. But these opposing energies will have to resolve themselves in some manner or other in order to achieve another state - that is a law of nature. What will that state be? A devolved one, a new dark age in which we are submitted to the proverbial boot constantly landing in our faces - a post-humanist nightmare - or will we enter into a new world of light and love at a much higher entropic level.

To achieve the latter it is incumbent on all of us to wake up to the realities of this agenda that stares us in the face with a collective awareness and higher spiritual mind and body that dutifully lays bare, for all to see, the iniquities being performed against us by the cabal, and claim what is rightfully ours; global peace, harmony and love. We must NOT acquiesce to them!

Whatever the outcome, it will be a reflection of our own collective state of mind and should we find ourselves descended into that dark Orwellian orifice, we will have only ourselves to blame!

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