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Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado describes her early years as strange. By the age of two she could vividly recall her first two years as a baby and by the age of nine her psychic abilities began to kick in, bringing with them vivid dreams and other strange experiences she couldn’t understand. She recalls sitting in a car and observing those in other cars she passed, being able to know what they were thinking. Many of her dreams were prophetic, visualising events which would soon come to pass in reality. Miriam mentions the fact that her father also possessed some of these same abilities too.

One day in 1988, Miriam underwent a strange encounter. While busy at her job working in a yoghurt shop, she became aware of a man at the window staring straight into her eyes. He entered the shop maintaining the stare and then asked her if she worked for, or had ever worked for, the CIA or FBI. This was a very poignant question for Miriam as her father had once warned her of such an encounter following one of his own with such a man in the streets of Paris during the war. He told his daughter that if she were asked the same question by such a stranger, to be very aware. Her questioner went on to ask her if she would like to work for the Russians and she immediately knew that he was referring to a psychic programme, which he explained, would allow her to work with people having similar abilities to her own. She promptly declined stating that she had not the slightest intention of doing so.


But it was also in 1988 when she had her first an encounter with extraterrestrials and it was this seminal event that changed the course of her life. While returning with friends to her home in Vancouver, the car they were travelling in, was buzzed by strange lights from the rear. This went on for many miles, until she asked her driving companion to stop. She became aware that the lights were those of a craft and she knew intuitively that it was her that the occupants wanted. She was taken aboard the craft and today the events of the three hours she maintains she was aboard it, have begun to re-surface of their own accord without the need for regressive hypnosis.

The messages and information Miriam received from the extraterrestrials, which she describes as the ‘Nordic’ type, gave her a clear indication as to where she had received her psychic abilities. She was also shown possible futures on Earth in the not-to-distant future and how it was up to the inhabitants of this planet to make the choice between a catastrophic future scenario or a peaceful and more spiritual one. She was informed about the ‘Four Corners’ area and the safe zones that would escape the worst cataclysmic events of that catastrophic future. These places are dotted all over the planet and, although would suffer chaotic consequences of such a disaster, the effects would be less severe than elsewhere.

She was also informed that her informants had had a hand in creating us, stressing that they were not God, but were helpers or overseers of our destiny which is that of rising to higher levels of consciouness. It is this message which is understood by the indigenous peoples of this Earth, like the Hopi indians, with whom Miriam had several friends.

It was explained to her how several attempts had been made over a large timescale to create satisfactory human lifeform by instilling ‘sparks of life’, or souls, into a biological ‘vessel’. The first two attempts had failed. In the third attempt, or ‘Third World’ they succeeded and Miriam was shown these beings enjoying a high state of high spirituality with total knowledge and telepathic abilities, far in excess of our current human ones. However, it proved to be a matter of too much too soon - rather like giving a child a box of matches - and they misused their abilities and became destructive. So, the third experiment was brought to an end.

As an aside, could this be analagous to the great flood, for they told her that in order to establish the Fourth World, those who had coped more responsibly in the Third World were spared and brought forward into the fourth, or current stage. (Would Noah be one of these?). These people were possibly the forefathers of the Hopi indians who have maintained much of this old, highly spiritual knowledge. She was told that one day, she would find these people and know what to do.

The Hopi

Miriam’s encounter with a Hopi elder in 2004, confirmed this and shortly after her meeting while going for a drink with one of the Hopi daughters, she one again, came face to face with one of the Nordics who asked her a rhetorical question about her presence with the Hopi. Clearly, this must have come across as a ‘waymark’ and, because the child she was with also observed this out-of-place-looking being, acted as proof that these ‘Nordics’ were for real. This fact was also later confirmed to her when encountering another ‘Nordic’ one day driving a car alongside her own and whose gaze was continually kept on her rather than on the road ahead! This particular sighting was also confirmed by friends who were travelling with her and they readily remarked on this man’s strange demeanour. Miriam came to realise that some of the words being conveyed to her all those years previously by the Nordics while aboard their craft, were, in fact common the Hopi language.

With all of these synchronisities coming together and following more telepathic messages in which Miriam was told to get all of this information down in a book, being given the message that the book must be completed by November 2007 because this was an important timeline, Miriam set to work, completing it on the agreed date. Clearly, her mission was to impart this vital knowledge to others.

A catastrophic vision

During her interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, Miriam broke down emotionally when she recalled the visions she had been shown by the Nordics of the potential destruction that could engulf this world if we, as humanity, take the wrong path in the future. The personal experiences she has witnessed over the last twenty years have indelibly impressed upon Miriam that this destructive course must be avoided at all costs and the path towards it stopped.

This brings us smartly in line with so many other contactees and visionaries who have been imparted the same knowledge by our ‘keepers’ or ‘caretakers’, those benevolent extraterrestrials who are nurturing our development to higher levels, yet insist that that journey must be undertaken under our own steam if we are to fully aspire to a higher spiritual plane. Clearly, we must wake up, educate ourselves and become fully conversant with our current predicament, learn that we have the power within us to overcome the threats that confront us - like the New World Order and those destructive forces in this world whose profession it is to commit us to that destruction - rise above it all and create for ourselves a higher collective consciousness that will guide us out of this mire.

Miriam’s final message from the Nordics was that of learning self-sufficiency and to quote her final words of the interview, “One of the greatest concerns that I have... In the views, the visions that I was shown, the information that was shared to me onboard that craft, they talked to me a lot when I was with them about seeds. And I’m always trying to share this information with people. One of the things that could save this Earth is seeds. because if every individual on the planet planted a small garden, we would not have to produce as much oil or transportation or pollution or plastics to... you know. Everything”.

How true!

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