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Scalar Energy

John Michael Mallon MSc - Scalar Energy - Part 1

“John Michael Mallon holds BSc and MSc degrees in Pure & Applied Physics and Electronics from The Queen's University of Belfast. He has held several teaching and research positions - including with The Queen's University of Belfast and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. He is founder of several technology businesses and has been technical consultant to a number of multinational companies and to the UN FAO and has served as a technical expert for EU 'BRITE' research programs. He has extensive experience in sensor applications based on laser, microwave, ultrasonic and imaging technologies and has had a lifelong interest in healing.” (The Dream Masters Evolution website).

His discussion on Scalar Energy Healing can be viewed at and describes how scalar energy healing opens up an entirely new paradigm in the understanding of the underlying energy in our universe and how the use of that energy can revolutionise the healing of the human body.

Because of the general inability of conventional medicine to cure the body of inherent ailments, Michael Mallon decided to devote the rest of his life to studying this most seminal of phenomena, scalar energy and how it affects all nature and cosmic events and how it can also heal the body.

Subtle energy healing

Healing techniques harnessing subtle energy fields have been in use for a very long time and have been performed through hands healing, distance healing, sound healing, directed prayer healing and even in the placebo effect. For the past seventy years or so, healthcare has majored on the use of allopathic drugs to treat symptoms, sidelining alternative methods, but Michael Mallon believes that may be about to change.

Behind the scenes, much research has been undertaken to quantify the value of alternative energy-based healing methods and great progress has been made on this front, much of which is not generally known about by the general public. Physicists have for some time noted the way in which a person’s intent and thought patterns can influence the outcome of an experiment by just being an interested and focused observer.

Getting to the root of understanding this phenomenon, requires some knowledge of wave energy physics and quantum mechanics and in particular the works physicists such as Maxwell, Tesla, Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, de Broglie, Dirac, Bohm and Feynman. The compartmentalised way in which our the educational system works, very often denies medical students of ground-breaking research being conducted in other disciplines such as physics and this deprives them of vital knowledge that could provide a more holistic view of how the human body is influenced by subtle energy fields. Their understanding is still essentially rooted in the deterministic science of Sir Isaac Newton, a view of science which only considers a macro mechanistic understanding of how things work and not the subtle underlying nature of energy and consciousness.

Although medicine routinely utilises wave energy-based technology like MRI scanners to diagnose a patient, the dissemination of the information that these devices provide is viewed purely in a traditional bio-chemical symptomatic interpretation rather than as a means to quantify the energetic state of the patient.

Understanding the process

‘If you truly understand something, you will explain it simply’ was the message imparted to Michael Mallon by one of his tutors. So much science is made unnecessarily complicated, using elaborate nomenclature in confusing ways to impart relatively simple concepts and often done quite deliberately to mystify the subject and intellectually distancing the specialist from the general public. But this confabulation can also come as a result of insufficient understanding, using elaborate terminology to paper over an inadequately understood condition. The compartmentalisation of different areas of science into individual specialisms only serves to obfuscate an overall understanding of the unifying principles that embrace the entire spectrum of all the sciences and without this unified knowledge, the dots will never be adequately joined together.

Underlying energy

Scalar simply means ‘an amount or a quantity that does not possess a direction’ such as mass, pressure and static electricity - they all exist but are not going anywhere. In opposition to this static energy are those energy states that are going somewhere like in a flowing river, wind or the explosive state of internal combustion. We tend to regard this as the only energy there is because it is visibly evident, yet we are surrounded by scalar energy which pervades everything like a giant web extending throughout the entire universe. It cannot be observed directly or indirectly or measured by conventional instruments, yet it is the energy of the body and therefore the energy that can affect the healing of that body.

To try and visualise the scalar energy field, Michael Mallon offers the following analogy. Imagine that you are in a boat in the middle of a large ocean and that a fast moving current is carrying you along. Without a stationary point of reference to indicate your movement with this current, you are completely unaware of motion, you may well believe that you are at complete rest on a large millpond. This scenario is exactly the same as our perception of seeming motionlessness here on planet Earth, we are completely unaware of the energy around us. Physics calculations give a glimpse at the enormity of this unseen energy. The energy in just 1 cubic centimetre of space is equal to 1052ergs. A one megaton bomb’s energy pales by comparison at only 1020ergs, therefore space is an infinite source of energy!

On a medical level, if we are to fully harness this scalar energy for the benefit of our own bodily health, we must close the books on Newtonian-based medicine.

Identifying scalar energy

Since we are surrounded by scalar energy and are intrinsically part of it, we are unable to measure it, but to return to the analogy of the boat on an ocean, once a wind picks up and large waves form, we then begin to get some idea of the vast amount of energy that is being unleashed and we may speculate as to how we could use those waves to our advantage.

Scalar energy can best be described as a stationary or standing wave, that is one analogous to that of a rope fixed at one end, which, when you flap the other end up and down, an oscillation or vibration is created along the length of the rope. Such vibrations can be seen on a violin string as the bow causes it to vibrate. The waves run from one end of the string to the other and back again interfering with the outward wave and creating a stationary ‘buzzing’ pattern, or musical note. Scalar energy manifests itself in the same way, it is energy that is going nowhere - a standing wave of energy.

Creation of matter

Atoms must be viewed as wave-only and the old world view of an atom surrounded by orbiting particles is a misnomer, there are no particles only waves. One can only refer to ‘particles’ when one is identifying a wave structure and Michael Mallon impresses upon us to only think of particles when we look at the point of a standing wave where the energy is being reversed, this helps explain the anomaly of wave particle duality more clearly.

Using the rope flapping analogy, you could say that the two ends of the rope you are flapping represent two particles connected by a wave which are phase-locked together in resonance. Similarly an electron acts in the same way as the end point of the rope. As the energy transfer is reversed in the rope, an electron will behave similarly jumping from negative to positive at a fixed point, while its anti-particle - likened to the other end of the rope - the positron, is reacting in an opposite way in phase-locked resonance to its partner electron. This symbiosis creates a synchronously resonating structure which forms an even bigger particle and this is the basis of all matter in the universe.

And, as below, the human body works on the same basis, comprising of an infintesimal number of resonant-locked waves and it is the degree of harmony in those phase locked resonant waves that determines the well-beign of our bodies and minds.

With the knowledge that we are just one whole mass of resonating waveforms, it is easy to see how that energy extends beyond the confines of our visibly physical bodies in an ever weaker phase locking form to create our auras. These all-permeating phase-locked resonant waveforms extend everywhere and no part of the universe is devoid of them. The lower the frequencies of these waveforms, the denser the material they manifest and it says a lot about the amount of binding energy that can manifest in the strength of a crystal.


    This website is full of amazing content. I have been doing a lot of research on scalar energy and there are so many health benefits from it. I am always recommending the healing power of scalar energy to my family and friends

  2. Is there a list of qualified practitioners who use the Scalar scanner? I am a practitioner and would like to experience one of these devices to see how effective it is before buying one. Thanks

  3. a pleasant day and a prosperous new year to you sir John. I am the guy from the Philippines whom you send some CD's a few years back.. i already found someone who can create the computerized scalar energy board that we are planning to use for our medical mission here in the Philippines using Scalar Energy.. My storage where i kept the diagram you gave me crashed.. I hope you still find in your kind heart to send me another copy of the complete diagram of your machine, my email address is God bless you Sir and more power to the healing universe.. Happy New Year!

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