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Alex Collier Part 2

Project Camelot - Alex Collier at the Los Angeles 2009 Awake and Awareness Conference Part 2

The élite control mechanism
The pyramidal system of our governments principally came out of Rome and Rome was essentially controlled by thirteen families, whose descendants continue to exercise their power over the world today. Religion, although having brought succour to many, focuses on shame, guilt, sin and control and that is the trap. No emphasis is given on self-respect or responsibility, religions in fact create more division in global society and sense of disempowerment. This is part of the controlling élite’s way of dominating our thought processes and keeping us in a cowed state.

This philosophy is evident everywhere. Alex took the example of ‘charitable’ foundations. A foundation is created by ordinary people for altruistic purposes, using their will and resources to get it going with the end goal of benefiting humanity. As it gathers momentum, enrolling others into its ranks and creating an awareness and shift in consciousness in those involved, someone from the powers that be, who have been monitoring its progress - as they monitor everything we get up to - enters in the guise of a benefactor and offers an attractive sum of money to help the charity’s aims on the condition that one of the benefactor’s associates sits on their board. Over time, this process is repeated until the board is dominated by the infiltrating ‘benefactor’s’ representatives who are only working for some branch of the élite. From this point on the charity’s aims get diverted to fall in line with the élite’s agenda, but continues to give some form of impression that it still holds onto its original ambitions. Not only now do they control the direction that the foundation will take, but they also control its wealth.

(As an aside, one can think of many such organisations that have been led this way and cancer research is just one of them. Cures for cancer have been known about for years by such notable people as Royal Raymond Rife, Dr Ruth Drown, Dr Max Gerson, Dr Tullio Simoncini etc, yet cancer research foundations continue to pretend to search for cures, calling on our charitable nature to donate monies to what looks like a worthy and charitable cause, yet they are often little more than money laundering operations, ensuring scientists wander up blind alleys of research in order to stay clear of the truth so that the profitable chemotherapy methodologies - which do more harm than good to the body - continue to pull in the bucks, and of course help as a covert form of genocide).

Taking back control of our lives

One of our most important tasks as a global community is to understand the shennanigans that are constantly being played out by our controlling élite, thoroughly understand their modus operandi and build up a system in direct opposition to it. But the first and the biggest step is our absolute need to take personal responsibility of our lives - regain our sovereignty and true consciousness.

Alex quoted an native American Mohawk Indian, Little Hawk. “Take credit for your mistakes, not what you do good, because you are supposed to be doing good anyway”.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. If we knew everything we wouldn’t need to be here! This quest has to begin with ourselves, not feeling shame with our mistakes and not regarding ourselves - as the church would have you believe, that you are a sinner. We are not, we are all spiritual beings inhabiting a temporary physical body. We have to understand that the entire world in which we live has been set up as one giant control mechanism from the banks to each and every other institution - government, media, health, education etc. etc. which the élites ultimately control. But that control mechanism only operates to their advantage as long as we let it - and the élite are in constant fear of losing our rapt attention, for if we refuse to play the game any more, they will completely lose that control. That fear of us is inherent among the élite because they know that we have this latent power to create our own reality. That is why they persist in trying to instill in us a feeling of powerlessness and fear.

Alex reminded the audience that the heightened interest the extraterrestrials were now taking in us was because they are aware that we are nearing a crossover point of consciousness and that the awakening consciousness of our plight is sending out a signal to them that we are on the brink of metamorphosing into higher beings and that that transition will need nurturing.

The holographic model

On our new course we have to break down the old conventions that only lead to the abuse of power and do some radical re-thinking. Do we need a monetary system at all? Other extraterrestrial civilisations don’t have one. Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on? Thinking radically in this way shifts our whole paradigm of perception and immediately gets us out of thinking within the box.

In extraterrestrial civilisations a communal ‘government’ takes care of their everyday needs, while the time and expertise offered by each individual is used to benefit the society as a whole.

We have, historically, been helped at crucial moments in our history by extraterrestrial intervention. Alex cited the instance of Thomas Jefferson who, while trying to assemble to American Declaration of Independence was met by a hooded man who brought him inspiration to complete it. Another example came in the Constitutional Hall at a moment when it looked like no-one was going to agree to sign the Declaration. Seemingly, out of nowhere a man appeared on the balcony of the hall and for twenty minutes gave an oration to the assembled delegates of the importance of signing the Declaration, not just only for America, but for the whole world as a model for empowering the people. At that point the it was unanimously signed, yet efforts by Benjamin Franklin and the Serjeant-at-Arms to locate this stranger afterward, because of the seminal words he had spoken, proved impossible, despite the fact that the entire building was patrolled by guards. This is divine providence from our extraterrestrial cousins.

So we have to make a serious decision. In Alex’s words “no more bullshit!”.


The field of exopolitics (our relationship with extraterrestrial civilisations) has gone beyond the phase of ‘do extraterrestrials exist’ - we know for sure they do. The more cogent questions that still rewuire answers are ‘where do they come from’, ‘why are they here?’ and ‘what can we do to learn from this experience?’ Although there has been a small degree, in Alex’s understanding, that some off-world mentoring between extraterrestrial race(s) and our military, it is time for us, the people, to cast aside the middle men who keep us out of the loop and work directly with ETs.
The question is, how?

We have to ask ourselves how we would feel about direct contact with extraterrestrials in mentoring us in resolving the Earth’s problems. If they could give us guidance to solve pollution problems - as an example - they might well point out that we have the technology and the will, but we have to employ that will in order to use that technology to effect change and not fall back into our traditional role of expecting someone else to sort it out for us - we have to empower ourselves and take responsibility. On topics such as food scarcity and water, the reality is that we have an abundance of both for everyone on the planet, but this abundance is denied us because our worldy rulers wish to maintain their control by keeping us in a state of deprivation and need.

Free energy technologies exist on the Earth and have done for some time, yet they remain elusively out of our grasp, because energy freedom brings with it independence from the control system of finance. Alex cited the examples of Nicola Tesla’s work in free energy in 1902 and the hydrogen-engined car which, in 1955, did 110 laps at Indianapolis, but the plans for the car’s propulsion system were bought by Gulf Western Oil and never saw the light of day again. There’s no money to be made out of free energy - no money, no control.

The Law of Consistency

This is how the Andromedan’s describe their holographic civilisation. In this system every child is told of the latest developments in technology. There is no sequestering of this knowledge by élites at the top of the pile, for, as Alex mentioned earlier, in a holographic society, everyone is equal and is entitled to full knowledge. This encourages development and wisdom. This is the antithesis of life on Earth right now where access to knowledge is denied us - we are going backwards!

The Law of Consistency for the Andromedans allows that every truth is spoken, everyone is forgiven, there is no monetary system and there is a free health system but not one based on allopathic drugs and pharmaceuticals - all health administration is frequency-based - colour, light and sound. Everything is based on the soul with full memory from incarnation to incarnation. Our incompletely-activated DNA prevents that here on Earth, memories from previous lives are most often lost and only retrievable, if at all, through retrogressive hypnotherapy.

In order to achieve our own model of the Law of Consistency, we have to abolish the current power structure here on Earth and create a new space to embrace these ideals, we need to create another domain of knowing. In Alex’s words ‘The love that we withhold, is the pain that we carry from lifetime to lifetime", change starts with ourselves.

What we must do

We have to take matters into our own hands and work cooperatively towards making this paradigm change and if we do, the Andromedans and others will meet us half way. No-one wants to live in tyranny and it is essential that at a time when energy changes are imminent, as the Earth crosses the galactic plane, and our consciousness is heightened, we must choose our path, rid the Earth of the influence of the disruptive ET element and stop taking crap from an unelected bureaucracy. We are not lap dogs, we must defend our own lives and freedoms and that of everyone on the planet.

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  1. Good on you for posting this video and content! I've watched it quite a few times. Alex mentioned that there was a hydrogen engine in a car back in 1955 that did 110 laps at the indianapolis 500 race track until gulf western oil purchased the rights to it and it was never seen again. Does anyone have anymore information on this? I'd love to get it out on my site: so everyone can learn about!